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The Ice Breaker Mod (Hybrid) 2016-10-05

The Ice Breaker Mod (Hybrid)

  1. OrionVeteran
    Ice Breaker mod (Hybrid Version)

    This Hybrid version of the Ice Breaker mod makes the AI use Ice Breakers very effectively. AI Ice Breakers will now look for the nearest qualified ice plot, will set a path to the plot and then remove the ice from that plot. If the nearest qualified ice plot is in the south and the Ice Breaker is finished breaking ice up in the north, no problem! The AI will set a path to the plot down in the south and the AI Ice Breaker will start removing ice down there. There is a checkbox game option for using or disabling Ice Breaker units, when you first set up a new game. This Hybrid mod has SDK, Python and XML changes. It has been merged with BUG 4.4 and is the difinitive version of the Ice Breaker for Civ4 BTS 3.19. :smug:

    1. Can move through impassible Terrain (Ice)
    2. Can break ice
    3. Prerequisite Tech: Coast Guard
    5: Cost 200 Hammers

    What's new?

    1. An SDK checkbox game option allows you to use or disable the Ice Breaker unit, when you start a new game.
    2. The AI Ice Breaker will now hunt for ice anywhere on the map!
    3. The Ice Breaker is now identified as a Special Unit.
    4. The XML limits Icebreakers to only 5 per player.
    5. A coastal city must have a population of at least 4 to build an Ice Breaker


    Orion Veteran :cool: