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[Blender Tutorial]Import custom model in Civ4 2016-10-05

English is not my first language so this tutorial is probably full of syntax errors. I’m sorry.
It’s the reason why it contains more picture than text ;)

Blender is a 3d modeling program. Why should I use blender and not an other program? Because Blender is free. For more information on how to download it check this thread

This tutorial show how to export 3d model from blender to civ4, it doesn’t show how to make model in blender.

If you need help in blender to know how it works you can check the help menu in the program.

So you need to already have a model, I took a simple cube for the tutorial.

1- You need to have you model already done with the Seam for the UV. If you don’t really know what is this, or if you need help with this, check here :
2- Go to the UV Face select mode
3- Press “u” on your keyboard and then click on LSMC
4- Go to the UV/Image editor
5- You can modify yon unwrap (if you don’t know how maybe I’ll write an other tutorial on this); this will be your texture. Press the UV’s menu and then save your UV
6- Go to the script window
7- The size must be 64, 128 or 256, over this, your texture will be too big and it will be too slow in civ4. Normally, Civ4 textures are 64 for weapon, 128 for units and 256 for vehicles. Select Wrap, AllFaces and OB, and choose the right path. Than, click on export.
8- Edit you texture with a 2d graphic program like Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, etc… Your program must have the possibility to open .tga files, if not you will have to find a way to convert it (DDS Converter can be fine).
9- Click on Image/Open and then select your new skin.
10- Return in your 3d window and select the object mode
11- Select the option textured than you should see what your model look with his texture. If you don’t like it go back to step8, if you like it convert your tga in dds.
12- In your lower menu, go to the buttons window.

13- 1. Click on the material button (button with a ball(see screenshot)) and than click add new 2. In texture click add new on map input 4.Select UV 5. Click on the texture button (with leopard skin (see screenshot)) 6. Select Image (see screenshot) 7. Click on load Image and choose your dds
14- Go back in your 3d view and select your model. (Be sure to not select the camera or the lamp ). When an object is selected, it will have pink edge.

EDIT : I forgot to say it, you need to config your exporter script. Don't worry it's really simple. You only have to go in your script window (the snake icon) and then gon in the script menu (script/system/Scripts Config Editor). In export choose the gamebryo nif exporter and than in the nif version write

15- File\Export\Netlmmerse/Gamebryo (.nif & .kf) and it’s done

Voilà ! You should have a nif that work in civ 4 and in the scene viewer.

Sorry again for my bad english
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