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Blue Europe 2016-10-05

Blue Europe

  1. Red Door
    It is now May of 1940. The Soviet Invasion has driven westward to seek a continental Soviet Union. With suprising power, the Soviet Union has conquered most of Eastern Europe, and is now knocking on Berlin's door. Winston Churchill, the new Prime Minister of England, feels that the Soviet Union must be stopped before they overrun Europe with their power. He has now recieved full support from the United States, who has given England immense economic and military power. Who shall win this conflict? Allies or Soviets? Will Europe turn Red? or will Blue Europe Remain...

    This is a PTW scenario, the Playable nation is Great Britain. The Scenario uses the European Terrain set that comes with PTW, so it is not included with the scenario. There were no unit name changes. And now the civilizations: