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It is 1950 and the world is in the early grip of the Cold War. The United States and Soviet Union are locked in a bitter ideological and confrontational struggle for sumpremacy. Europe is on the doorstep of nuclear catastrophe. Asia, on the whole, is plagued with internal struggles and an increasing Soviet influence. The dust from the Chinese Civil War has barely settled and Mao is intent to hold the line against American advances in the Korean Peninsula. Can you defend "liberty" or sow the seeds of Stalin and Mao and prevent "mutually assured destruction" at the same time?

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A really fun scenario but I find all of the units to have inflated shield costs and inflated attack/defense values. There's also some worthless units too. For example the National Guard units, I like the idea of having a cheap expendable unit that's primarily for defense; but. The unit is practically worthless with a defense of 7 and a attack of 1 basically means that this unit would die if it were attacked by literally anything. Sure they're cheap but they're so terrible there literally no point in building them in fact when I played I just disbanded all of the National Guard units that I started out with and disbanded any that my cities would create.

Now for Intelligence operatives, these guys I want to like. These guys kind of act like privateers only on land and It does a good job in representing how critical intelligence services truly was during the Cold War. However, these guys are also worthless, with an attack of 3 and defense of 3 and a negative HP rating basically mean that, just like National Guard units they to are worthless and will lose in any battle they get themselves into. These units however are autoproduced so, I ended up disbanding every single one of these guys that I get becouse there was litterally no point in having them. I did do test with these units in the CiV editor gave myself 20 intelligence operatives and tried taking control of an airfield that was guarded by a single Soviet Postwar infantry, to my surprise they manage to successfully take the airfield but I only ended up having 3 left. So, yeah these guys are useless. Oh, yeah don't think their good for reconnaissance either, becouse they're not. The Ai will attack any of them they see, friend or foe and they will lose that fight. Oh almost forgot these guys cant capture workers either so, they're completely useless.

All in all despite all these things the scenario is super fun to play.
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