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Red Europe 2016-10-05

Red Europe

  1. Red Door
    After his annexations of Austria and Czechoslovakia, Hitler gets a secret intellegence report saying that Josef Stalin has secretly built up the Red Army, and had annexed the Baltic States, the Memeland, a third of Poland, and Moldavia secretly. Hitler secretly meets with the Slovakian and Hungarian leaders, and they both join the Third Reich.. But suddenly, The Soviet Union Invades Eastern Europe... Somewhat caught off guard, Hitler has to make a choice: Should he hold his ground with Mussolini? or should he request aid from his enemies Britain and France? Hitler understands that his plans for creating a greater Germany might be ruined by the attack. while all this is happening in eastern europe, Edouard Daladier and Neville Chamberlain meet in london to discuss the situation. They know that the Soviets could bring down Hitler for them, but they also realized that they would be next. they chose to wait until the soviets come to them, and until Roosevelt could send in support for the English. Stalin had been secretly planning this invasion for a long time, and he hoped to fufil his dream of a Red Europe...

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