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LOTR: The Return of the King 2016-10-05

This is a scenario based upon LOTR: the Return of the King. The map was created by hagbart, but I created the scenario. This is set to take place right after the battle of Helm's Deep where the Uruk'Hai were nearly completely eliminated and the ents ravaged Orthanc. Orgilath has fallen to Mordor, and Frodo, Sam, and Gollum are headed for Mordor with Faramir not far behind. The people of Rohan are saved, and Orthanc will fall soon, but the Heroes will need to rush to Gondor to save the kingdom from Sauron's assault. The map itself is pretty much the same as my LOTR: The Two Towers scenario as far as cities are concerned, but units have been replaced upon the map. In addition, many wonders have been renamed into LOTR counterparts. A new version will come soon with additional details. Have fun!

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