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The Spanish Reconquista 2016-10-05

This scenario is about the fight between Christians and Muslims in medieval Spain, also called the Spanish crusades or the Reconquista (the reconquest as the Christians considered Muslims as invaders) between 1085 and 1492. However it also includes all the oppositions among Muslim states and among Christian states for leadership or to impose a certain approach of life and religion (fanatism or decadency and tolerance for instance).
As leader of the Almohads you can conquer the weak decadent states to reestablish fanatical Islam. You can also play the pirates who threaten all coasts. You can establish military orders (templars) or even national ones (Aviz, Calatrava,...) as Christians. You can ransom knights from the enemies, discover tactics and the advantages of gunpowder.

The Main Thread: The Spanish Reconquista

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