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BtS Mod Install Scrip 2016-10-05

This Utility script is an easy way to make your mod click and play. Using it in the free NSIS installing program will compress your mod, and then compile it into a .exe installation program. Anyone can then download and simply double click to install. The script uses the BtS registry key to target it's install path, so it will always install to the correct location. It will also create optional launching shortcuts so that your mod will be launchable from the desktop and Start Menu. Finally it creates an uninstaller which is set up to automatically uninstall the old versions if you release a new one.


-Download and extract the zipped file
-Download and install the free NSIS installer program
-Open the script with Coderwriter's notepad or other codewriting utility (regular notpad wol't work)
-Change the instances at the top of the script so that the script is defined for your mod. Everything is well commented and there are only a couple of entries you will need to alter.
Load the script in NSIS and run it. It will then compress and compile your Mod into an easy to use installation .exe

For more information and other Install Scripts see the BtS Mod Install Script Thread:
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