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BtS Mod Patching Script 2016-10-05

BtS Mod Patching Script

  1. phungus420
    This is a patching script to install patches for mods. Allows for easy patching of mods.


    -Create a folder for your patching files in a new location (by default the script uses the MyDocuments/.../Beyond the Sword/Mods path). The patch folder must be the same name as your mod folder. Place your patching files in this patch folder, maintain proper pathing structure (same as the main mod for the file paths, they will overwrite the old files to update your main mod when installed, and must have proper pathing to install to the correct location)
    -Open up the patch Script with codewriter's notepad or other codewriting utility. Change the relevant variables at the top of the script so that the script applies to your mod and patch. Everything is well comment and there are only a couple of entries you will need to define.
    -Run the Script in NSIS installer (free utility just google it if you don't have it)

    The NSIS installer will then compress and compile the patch files into an installer, which when run by the user will extract the patch files to your mod, and overwrite old files as per a normal patching process.

    For more information and other Install Scripts see the BtS Mod Install Script Thread: