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[BTS Module] Germany 2016-10-05

[BTS Module] Germany

  1. DWOLF
    Germany for BTS 3.17

    Spoiler :

    August 23, 2008 - I've added 2 LH's, Konrad Adenauer & a new Hitler made by NikNaks. I removed Dr. funkshadow's Hitler. Also I've added 2 units. The Modern european spy & the Drache unit. I also added a custom Diplomacy music for Konrad, Germany's national anthem. The assembly plant was replaced for the Krupp Steel Works.
    July 29, 2008 - This time around I've added more style units to bring the total of 37. I've added more unique units aswell. Current Germany has been added as well for those of you who wished to play as current Germany. I've also added 2 Leaders, Rommel & von Papen. Also I added "half" support for other languages. French / German / Italian / Spanish. What I mean by half support is that now when you play your game in those languages; Names, Civilopedia entries will now show up in English instead of being blank. I will translate these entries but first I need people who speak those languages to help me translate them.
    June 4, 2008 - I've decided to take off a few units...Well I didn't completely take them off, I just added them to the Style Units instead of having them as special units. The only two units that I did removed were the Stug Tank & The Heinkel He 111. Also I've added more style units to bring the total of style units to 22. I've added 4 more special units, the Ju88 \ FW190 \ Flamethrower \ Panzer IV. Also by popular demand, I've included the German Flag (Current).
    Feb 3, 2008 - This time around I've added 4 more units; German Marine, Heinkel He 177, Tornado, & the U-Boat. Also I've added the diplomacy text info to Hitler II as I forgot to add it on the previous version.
    Jan 10, 2008 - I've added the Adolf Hitler created by Dr. Funkshadow...now there's 2 hitler's on Nazi Germany, pick the one that you like best. I've also added the 11 Teuton units created by danrell. Lastly, I also added the Jagdpanther unit.
    Dec 14, 2007- I've added three new units, Tiger II, Panther Tank, & the Messerschmitt Bf 109. Also I've changed Hitler's favorite civic from Communism to Police State. I've also decided to merge "Custom Music Nazi Germany with Nazi Germany" as I feel that there's isn't a need for 2 of them just because one has custom music on it. Same goes for Gray Germany, it now has the custom music.
    Sep 17, 2007[/COLOR] - I've uploaded the "Nazi Germany Custom Music" version.
    Sep 10, 2007 - I added "Custom Diplomacy Text" to Hitler so when you first encounter him he has something to say to you, instead of his 3D LH just being blank.
    Sep 6, 2007 - Added several German WWII units. Read below to see all units.
    Sep 4, 2007 -
    1. Added two custom special units - (Storm Trooper & Waffen SS by request of xbeanerx)
    2. I edited Hitler so he wouldn't have 2 arm bands showing.
    3. Hitler & the special unit - (Waffen SS) were given "cleaner" buttons.
    Sep 1, 2007 - [BTS Module] Nazi Germany was made.

    Adolf Hitler - (Aggressive & Imperialist) NikNaks version new
    Adolf Hitler - (Aggressive & Imperialist) Elhoim's version
    Konrad Adenauer - (Industrious & Protective) new
    Erwin Rommel - (Organized & Aggressive)
    Franz von Papen - (Imperialist & Protective)

    Starting Techs:
    Hunting & Mining

    Unique Units:
    Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 Drache - (Gunship) new
    Panzer III - (Tank)
    Panzer I - (Tank)
    Eurocopter Tiger - (Gunship)
    He 219 Uhu - (Bomber)
    Modern Warlord - (Modern Warlord)style unit
    Medieval Warlord - (Medieval Warlord)style unit
    Ancient Warloard - (Ancient Warlord)style unit
    Sam Infantry - (Sam Infantry)style unit
    Warrior - (Warrior)style unit
    Cuirassier - (Cuirassier)style unit
    Caravel - (Caravel)style unit
    Galleon - (Galleon)style unit
    Frigate - (Frigate)style unit
    Ship Of The Line - (Ship Of The Line)style unit
    Explorer - (Explorer)style unit
    Worker - (Worker)style unit
    War Elephant - (War Elephant)style unit
    Battleship - (Battleship)style unit
    Leopard a2a5 - (Modern Armor)style unit
    Zeppelin - (Air Ship)style unit
    Heinkel He 177 - (Bomber)
    Tornado - (Jet Fighter)
    German Marine - (Marine)
    Storm Trooper - (AT-Infantry)
    Stuka - (Fighter)
    German Infantry - (Infantry)
    German Machine Gunners - (Machine Gun)
    Fallschirmjäger - (Paratrooper)
    Ju88 - (Bomber)
    FW190 - (Fighter)
    Flamethrower - (Paratrooper)
    Panzer IV - (Tank)
    Jagdpanther - (Tank)
    Messerschmitt Bf 109 - (Fighter)
    Panther Tank - (Tank)
    Tiger II - (Tank)
    Panzer - (Tank)
    Waffen SS - (Marine)
    Tiger Tank - (Tank)updated
    Horten Ho-IX - (Bomber)
    Elefant Tank - (Tank)
    Sdkfz 251 - (Tank)
    Bismarck - (Battlership)updated
    U-Boat - (Submarine)updated
    Heinkel He 111 - (Bomber) removed
    Stug III - (Tank) removed

    Style Units: new
    38 Style Units - (Modern Spy, Maceman, Swordsman, Axeman, Pikeman, Spearman, Archer, Longbowman, Crossbowman, Chariot, Knight, Light Cavalry, Artillery, AT Infantry, Bomber, Fighter, Jet Fighter, Grenadier, Infantry, Machine Gun, Marine, Modern Armor, Paratrooper, Air Ship, Gunship, Ancient Warlord, Medieval Warlord, Modern Warlord, Sam Infantry, Cuirassier, Warrior, Explorer, Worker, Caravel, Galleon, Frigate, Ship Of The Line, Battleship)

    Unique Buildings:
    Krupp Steel Works - (Factory) new

    Team Color:
    Custom Diplomacy Music For Konrad - new
    Custom Current Germany Flag
    Custom Current Germany Button
    Dark yellow team color for Current Germany mod, to match the flag.
    Custom Diplomacy Music - (by Dragon67)
    Custom Diplomacy Text
    Custom Adolf Hitler Button made by DWOLF
    Custom German Flag / Button made by DWOLF
    Custom Nazi Flag / Button made by DWOLF
    Dark Red, I gave them a dark red color to match the flag.

    How To Install:
    To install, extract the folder to your mods folder.
    I've already set up the folders *Nazi Germany/Assets/Modules/Custom Civilizations/Nazi Germany*, Afterwards you need to go into you BTS configuration file and change 'ModularLoading = 0' to 'ModularLoading = 1

    Also I've been getting questions of why the mod is not showing up even though modular loading is set to 1. For those new users, make sure you load the mod. When you start the game, go to advanced and select the "load a mod" option.

    Thanks To:
    Who ever made the Ju88, FW190, The Artillery & The Franz von Papen LH...I've got these units & LH from the WWII scenarios found in BTS but I'm not sure who is the original creator. Who ever it is...thanks ;)

    Refar for making the Konrad Adenauer LH.
    asioasioasio for making the Panzer III & Panzer I & the Drache unit.
    NikNaks for making the German Explorer unit & The new Hitler LH.
    dutchking for making the Rommel LH...Thanks!
    JustATourist for making the German Sailing Ships.
    Saschkin for making the He 219 Uhu unit.
    Chamaedrys for making the Zeppelin unit.
    Acronym2 for making the reskinned "Leopard 2a5".
    The_Coyote & to my good friend bernie14 for making the Eurocopter Unit & The New Skin for it.
    Wolfshanze for making the Panzer IV tank pack & for his Bismarck / Battleship / U boat & Great General reskins. He also gave me the XML to replace the Assembly plant with Krupp Steel Works. Also I got the Warrior / Cuirassier / War Elephant & Sam Infantry from his Wolfshanze Mod, but I'm not sure if he made them. If you are seeing this and you made those units, let me know.
    seZereth for making the German Grenadier & the Flamethrower.
    asioasioasio for making & animating the Jagdpanther.
    The_Coyote for making the Horten Ho IX.
    GarretSidzaka for making the Fallschirmjäger.
    GeneralMatt for making the good looking U-Boat.
    dutchking for making the Heinkel 177
    snafusmith for making the Panavia Tornado & the German Marine and letting me use it in this mod thanks.
    danrell for making the Teuton units.
    Dragon67 for uploading and sharing his custom nazi diplomacy music.
    Elhoim for making the Hitler leaderhead
    Chuggr for making the Waffen SS black skin & The Modern Spy.
    sharick for making the Tiger II & Tiger Tank.
    To all the users that worked hard to create all these new units...Thank you again... :)

    I've also added "Gray Germany" which adds Hitler to the regular Germany leaders and Hitler uses the normal Gray flag. When you load this mod, just look for Hitler under German Empire. Many users asked about this last time so I've decided to add it this time around. Just download "Gray Germany" if you want regular Germany instead of Nazi Germany.

    I've added Current Germany this time since alot of you requested this civ. I've changed the team color to match the German flag & button.


    Current Germany



    1. germanempire_0s4.jpg