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[BTS Module] Malaysia 2016-10-05

[BTS Module] Malaysia

  1. DWOLF
    Hello there,

    This time around I bring you the civilization of Malaysia as requested by faizzi_007. He asked if I could try and do this civ for him and I gave it a go...


    Malaysia for BTS 3.13


    Feb 11, 2008 - I've added 1 more unit (C130) & also I've added custom diplomacy music to Dr. Mahathir (Malaysia's National Anthem)

    Mahathir bin Mohamad - (Financial & Organized)

    Starting Techs:
    Mysticism & Agriculture

    Unique Units:
    C130 Hercules Transport - (Bomber)new
    PT-91 Twardy - (Modern Armor)
    10 Para Brigade - (Marine)
    Su-30 MKM - (Fighter Jet)
    Scorpene Class Submarine - (Submarine)
    MiG29 - (Fighter Jet)
    RF5E Tigereye - (Fighter Jet)

    Unique Buildings:
    House Of Parliament - Courthouse

    Team Color:
    Custom Diplomacy Music new
    Custom Diplomacy Text
    Custom Malaysian Flag / Button

    How To Install:
    To install, extract the folder to your mods folder.
    I've already set up the folders *Malaysia/Assets/Modules/Custom Civilizations/Malaysia*, Afterwards you need to go into you BTS configuration file and change 'ModularLoading = 0' to 'ModularLoading = 1

    Thanks To:
    snafusmith for making the F5EVen Jet, Type 99, C130 Hercules & the Ohio Class Sub units.
    The Conquests for making the Su-30MKM & The MiG-29
    bernie14 for making the Persian Marine for which I used as the 10 para Brigade...I just changed the color of the beret & gave him the M16

    This is my first time making a requested civilization so I hope it came out good...I will try to fix or change something that might be out of place.