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[BTS Module] Spain \ España 2016-10-05

Spain / España for BTS 3.17

August 29, 2008 - I uploaded a modified version of Francisco Franco...we can all thank NikNaks for this :).
August 26, 2008 - The Spanish Civilization was created.

Isabella - (Spiritual & Expansive)
Francisco Franco - (Industrious & Protective)

Starting Techs:
Mysticism & Fishing

Unique Units:
Conquistador - (Cuirassier)
Eurofighter - (Jet Fighter)
F5 Northtrop - (Jet Fighter)
M60 Patton - (Modern Armor)
C47 - (Bomber)
C130 - (Bomber)

Style Units:
Axeman, Swordsman, Maceman, Spearman, Pikeman, Archer, Longbowman, Crossbowman, Chariot, Horse Archer, Knight, Cavalry, Rifleman, Grenadier, Cannon, Infantry, AT Infantry, Sam Infantry, Paratrooper, Marine, Machine Gun, Galleon, Modern Spy, Tank, Fighter, Jet Fighter.

Unique Buildings:
Citadel - (Castle)

Team Color:
Custom Diplomacy Music Francisco Franco
Custom Current Spanish Flag & Button made by DWOLF
Dark yellow team color for Spain, to match the flag.
Custom Diplomacy Text
Custom Francisco Franco Button made by DWOLF

How To Install:
To install, extract the folder to your mods folder.
I've already set up the folders *Spain/Assets/Modules/Custom Civilizations/Spain*, Afterwards you need to go into you BTS configuration file and change 'ModularLoading = 0' to 'ModularLoading = 1

For those new users, make sure you load the mod. When you start the game, go to advanced and select the "load a mod" option.

Thanks To:
NikNaks for modifying Francisco Franco...he now looks more like him.
nautil for making the BF109...I just added the Spanish insignias on it.
Chuggi for making the Modern Spy Unit.
dutchking for making the B-25 Mitchell.
asioasioasio for making the Spanish Infantry Pack.
Dr. Funkshadow for making the Francisco Franco LH.
danrell for making the 11 Spanish units. Also I got the Spanish Galleon from him, but he says he's not the orginal creator but who ever you are...Thank You.
snafusmith for making the Eurofighter \ C47 \ C130 \ M60 Patton \ F4 & F5 & Panzer IV units.
baal_isidro for making the Leopard Tank unit.
GFO Anubis for making the Spanish Skins for the Leopard / F4 & F5 which look great...keep up the good skinning work GFO :goodjob:
Wolfshanze for making the Panzer IV skin...Also I got the cannon unit from his Wolfshanze Mod and I used that skin to make a Rifleman & Greanadier.
Zerver for making the Marine unit.

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