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City States UU (v.4) 2016-10-05

City States UU (v.4)

  1. Gedemon
    This mod give Unique Units to some city states. Militaristic cities may give you their UU.

    City list

    - Hanoi : Siamese War Elephant
    - Singapore : Siamese War Elephant
    - Geneve : Landsknecht
    - Vienne : Landsknecht
    - Seoul : Cho Ko Nu
    - Edinburgh : Highlander
    - Stockolm : Housecarl (city trait changed to military)
    - Helsinki : Housecarl

    extra CS (not included, but available in YnAEMP city states mod)

    - Tikal : Jaguar Warrior
    - Cuzco : Jaguar Warrior
    - Lakota : Mohawk Warrior
    - Sutaio : Mohawk Warrior
    - Carthage : War Elephant
    - Carthage : Camel Archer
    - Aksum : Camel Archer
    - Ulundi : zulu Impi
    - Mogadishu : zulu Impi
    - Kinshasa : zulu Impi
    - Ife Ile : zulu Impi
    - Madrid : Explorer (Conquistador)
    - Lisbon (to be released) : Explorer (Conquistador)

    New Units included :

    - Housecarl : replace Swordsman, no resource used, amphibious
    - Highlander : replace Swordsman, no resource used, ignore terrain cost
    - Explorer (Conquistador) : replace Musketman, ignore terrain cost, extra sight
    - Zulu Impi : replace Warrior, faster healing


    - download the civ5mod file to your mod folder ("..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\").
    - launch civ5, go to the mod browser and click "install mod"
    - find the "City States UU" line and activate the mod.
    - from the mod section, go to single player and set up a game

    - you can delete the NewUnits folder in "..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\City States UU (v 2)\" if you just want vanilla unique units.
    - if you want to merge it in your mod, be sure to put MinorCivilizationsUUTable.xml at the beginning of the "OnModactivated" action list

    Detailled instruction for compatibility and merging

    1- Adding and editing City States unique units

    Spoiler :

    - first note that while dependancy can't be set, the best method is to edit this mod to your taste or merge it with your. see (2) for merging instruction.
    - adding can be done simply with a XML file looking like MinorCivilizationsChange.xml :
    - et voilà, Panzers for Budapest...
    - just remember to add your files in the Actions tab of your mod properties (OnModActivated / UpdateDatabase / yourfile.xml)

    - now you may want to change or remove the UU already set by this mod or others.
    - if not done yet, you can have a look at Kael's guide, or here and here for example on how to edit table content via XML
    - here's an exemple on how to remove previous reference of Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki and Edinburgh then set a new one for Edinburgh :
    		<Delete MinorCivilizationType="MINOR_CIV_OSLO" />
    		<Delete MinorCivilizationType="MINOR_CIV_STOCKHOLM"/>
    		<Delete MinorCivilizationType="MINOR_CIV_HELSINKI"/>
    		<Delete MinorCivilizationType="MINOR_CIV_EDINBURGH"/>
    - Note that this code has changed an archer class units by a crossbowman class units, the mod does not change the building time of the unit, it's still the archer building time...

    2- Merging this mod with yours

    Spoiler :

    - you need only 2 files : CityStateUU.lua and MinorCivilizationsUUTable.xml
    - be sure that MinorCivilizationsUUTable.xml is the first file loaded in the Actions tab of your mod's property section.

    - then add your own XML files to define your City States Unique Units (see section 1)

    - note that when the mod dependancy could be set, merging should be done only if you think that your mod won't be used with other mods using the City States UU feature.

    3- Using this mod with R.E.D.

    Spoiler :

    - R.E.D. already include the graphic definition for the new units of this mod, but the civ5artdefines* files are not compatible between mods, only one can be used.
    - To use both mod at the same time, you should delete civ5artdefines_unitmembers.xml and civ5artdefines_units.xml from the City State UU mod folder ("..\My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\MODS\City States UU (v 2)\")

    Credits & thanx

    Deliverator, LoneGamer for their convertions of civ4 units, Walter Hawkwood and Bakuel for the originals units, lemmy101 and CaptainBinky for the tool allowing the convertion.

    Version history

    v.4 (Jun 11, 2011):
    - bugfix: only apply CS UU code on new units (no more disembark conversion)

    v.3 (May 08, 2011):
    - remove reference to MINOR_CIV_OSLO as it refers to Quebec City since patch

    v.2 (Jan 26, 2011):
    - remove dependancy to InGame.xml
    - convert database entry from xml to sql
    - tweak: change highlander move (3 to 2), give amphibious promotion to housecarl
    - add: Conquistador and Zulu Impi units
    - tweak UU list for CS

    v.1 (Oct 30, 2010) :
    - initial release


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