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Civ4 Customasset Quick Change 2016-10-05

Civ4 Customasset Quick Change

  1. ruff_hi
    I’ve developed a few mods in my time, usually sticking them in the customasset folder. Its quick, its easy and they are in-play with all non-locked games. The one main problem is that I typically end up with lots of mods that I could run under customassets. If I download a mod that I want to test, I have to move my customasset based mod, swap in the new one and load up the game. I usually ended up with multiple customasset folders and keeping track of what was what did get difficult at times. I also got really bored with renaming the folders.

    So, I developed a customasset folder naming convention. Then I wrote a silly little VB program to automate the renaming step. Lastly, I created different in-game color themes that enabled me to tell at a glance which mod was in my customasset folder. This is really useful when you are playing a Realms Beyond game and you don’t want your game to end up as a ‘shadow’ because you played a non-approved mod.

    Please see the thread for more information or posting comments.