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[Map Script] Ring World 2016-10-05

[Map Script] Ring World

  1. ruff_hi
    This mapscript is based by Larry Niven's Ring World book(s).

    This map script constructs a long skinny map that is only 12 tiles high. Note that the map wraps left to right so Civ4 puts ice caps on the top and bottom. The width of the map depends upon the size selected by the user. The top and bottom 4 tiles of the map are water. The other 4 tiles form the 'land' section and will be land or water based on a user selection.

    The user has two options: land density and region strength.

    Land Density
    • Solid - The 'land' section is all land
    • Semi-solid - The 'land' section is land with some water
    • Large Islands - The 'land' section has some water so that large islands are formed
    • Small Islands - The 'land' section has more water so that small islands are formed
    • Land / Water mix - The 'land' section is a mixture of water and land

    There are 4 regions in the map: underlying, plains, desert, hills. The user can designate how strongly regional the map is. Options include:
    • Zero
    • Weak
    • Moderate
    • Strong
    • Extreme

    Here is the link to the forum post and some links to a few games (including pictures) that were played using it ...