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Colonialist Legacies' Canadian Dominion for VP 21

Adds Colonialist Legacies' Canada into VP. Does not require the BNW base mod

  1. 4-29 Espionage Update

    4-29 Espionage Update
  2. hockey rink icon update

    changed hockey rink icon
  3. 04/14 Compatibility

    Stadium changes for 04/14 compatibility
  4. 02-03 compatibility

    10 turns of WLTKD added to Hockey Rink
    diplomatic leader traits adjusted to be a bit more aggressive
  5. fort buff

    HBC bonuses to Forts and citadels increased to 2gold, 2 culture
    Coureurs des bois purchase building requirement reduced to Market
  6. lua fixes

    tiles claimed by internal trade routes are owned by the capital city
    optimization for the Coureurs des Bois Portage Promotion
  7. HBC update

    -10% global unhappiness reduction instead of -1 flat poverty reduction
  8. Oct 5 - UA rework

    No longer gets +1 WC vote for every DoFriendship
    Now gets +1 WC vote for every spy used as a diplomat in foreign cities
  9. Compatibility fixes

    - fixed bug with DoF votes
    - Increased HBC culture bomb (forgot to increase it when instant yields on construction was reworked)
    - Increased CdB diplo mission to 30 influence
  10. 09-15 Canada Buff

    adjusted how secret extra bonus land range is given. Now +50% land trade route range in all cities, not just the capital.

    CS increased to 56
    Added Fights stronger damaged

    Hockey Rink:
    Increased instant yields to 1000 for GAP/Tourism/Culture.
    Increased influence bonus to 25 on completion