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Free Camera 31 Mar 2018

Unhindered Camera tilt/rotation, ultra zoom, scrollable time of day, and simple controls.

  1. The update you've been waiting for

    - Fixed a bug involving air attacks.
    - Added in game Control Panel that lets you adjust the camera without having to remember keybinds.
    - The Control Panel can be temporarily hidden away and can be dragged around the screen.
    - Added Settings menu to make it easier to change settings in game. See the discussion for more information.
  2. More Zoom Control + Bug fix

    - Fixed a bug where previously selected movement path was not being shown when selecting a unit.
    - Added a new keybind that toggles between default/last used camera zoom: Shift + Z (changeable in settings, see discussion)
    - Changed how the + and - keys to zoom the map work: instead of only making one adjustment per press, holding down the keys will continuously zoom in/out map. This makes the + and - keys an actually useful alternative keybind for zooming the map.
    - Added camera control...
  3. QOL update

    - Field of view decreased back to vanilla, if you still want an increase ask and I'll tell you how to change it.
    - Updated to be compatible with latest version of CQUI, this fixes the city border bug
    - Camera tilt and rotation no longer reset when you tab out of the game (to go to YouTube or something) then come back to the game screen.
    - Slightly modified camera non-fixed tilt mode zoom-tilt profile.