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Improved 1UPT (One Unit Per Tile) Version .1 2016-10-05

Improved 1UPT (One Unit Per Tile) Version .1

  1. jaldaen
    Improved 1UPT (v.1)
    by Joseph Miller

    -1- Description
    -2- Potential Mod Conflicts
    -3- Version History
    -4- Credits
    -5- Contact information

    == Description ==

    This mod is designed to improve the 1UPT (One Unit Per Tile) mechanic in Civ 5.

    Reasons for changes:
    I added +1 movement to the units in order to help mitigate the traffic jams that AI Units (especially allies) can create when they sit on rough terrain without a road. The additional movement allows passage through them (as long as one of the tiles on the other side of the unit remains open). Since I gave in increase in movement to all units, that meant I needed decrease the movement bonuses of roads and railroads and increase unit sight range. I also needed to increase the city's sight and bombard range. More changes to come as playtesting continues.

    == Potential Mod Conflicts ==

    Since I changed the base movement of units, this mod will conflict with other movement changing mods, such as db0's Large Scale mod.

    If someone does experience a conflict, then please let me know so that I can make a note of the conflict here.

    == Version History ==

    Version .1:
    *Added extra movement to all units (including embarked units) to help avoid 1UPT traffic jams caused by the AI.
    *Lowered the road and rail road movement modifiers.
    *Increased city and unit sight range.
    *Increased city bombardment range.
    *Increased minimum distance between cities to 3.

    == Credits ==

    db0 for letting me look at his Large Scale Mod code so that I could understand how to code the globals.
    Thalassicus for the Modder's Starter Package template.

    == Contact information ==

    I can be contacted via PM on the civfanatics forum. My user name is: jaldaen.

    The file can be found via the in-game browser, but if you want me to post it here, then let me know and I'll do so.