JFD's Civilizations - United States of America (Roosevelt) for Vox Populi

JFD's Civilizations - United States of America (Roosevelt) for Vox Populi (v 7)


Oct 4, 2016
JFD's Civilizations - United States of America (Roosevelt) for Vox Populi
Does not need the original mod

(steam workshop)
(link to original mod)

Click on the overview button on the top left for information.

Spoiler UA details :
Original UA: Choose from either :c5greatperson: Great Merchant points and a :c5gold: Gold boost or :c5greatperson: Great Engineer points and a :c5production: Production boost every time you adopt a new Social Policy. +2 :c5culture: Culture from Great Person tile improvements.

Removed the choice between yields and great person points, so that you always get both now. Mainly changed as the AI couldn't understand the choice, so it was randomly chosen for them.

Great people points are 20% of the progress to the next great person in the capital only to prevent ridiculous snowballs in the late game.

UA mostly kept the same, with adjustments to match how the rest of VP works. The UA and UB should push the player to build many cities while keeping them well developed, ie thick. The gold from unit production aspect is to mimic how the US grew economically during WWII due to making so much equipment.

Backend: Uses DLL / database instead of lua. Probably a performance gain, but I don't know enough to tell you by how much.

Spoiler UB details :
Removed the ideology unlock aspect as it works differently in VP.

The unit production bonus now applies to all units, and is increased to 25% from 15%. The +3 embarked movement bonus is new.

Spoiler UU details :
Introduced the P-51 Mustang as the B-17 is in use in VP.

Spoiler Compatibility and other details :
Compatible with Enginseer's works on Community Events and Events & Decisions for CBP.

Civ events are almost the same as Washington's America, with some adjustments on balance based on what I feel they should be, as America's events are on the weak side.

For the civ decisions, "Arsenal of Democracy" can be enacted if you have at least one city-state ally, along with the original one declaration of friendship. This is to prevent this decision from getting locked out from uncooperative AI. Instead of rushing production, now grants 15 per city, scaling with era and gamespeed. Bonus to Manufactory increased to +3 from +1.

Removed the variable gold investment from "Create the Emergency Relief Administration"; it is now a constant gold cost (this is to be more AI friendly). The Gold bonus is now a constant 30 per city that has a Stock Exchange, scaling with era and gamespeed. Now requires Electricity rather than Economics. Bonus to Towns increased to +2/+2 Food/Gold from +1 Gold.

Includes a new icon for the Slater Mill, since the Assembly Plant uses the same one.

Spoiler More UC details :
Smithsonian (UW) (replaces Hermitage)

Same as Washington's America. Known as Museum of Modern Art with Enlightenment Era.

Sherman (UU) (replaces Tank)

  • March (Unit will Heal Every Turn, even if it performs an action).
  • Sentry (+1 Visibility Range).

Spoiler Original creators :

  • JFD: Coding, Design, Writing
  • Janboruta: Artwork
  • Leugi: Artwork (Leaderscreen)
  • Firaxis: Artwork (Assembly Plant)
  • Gyra Solune: Research (City Lists)
  • Andreas Waldeloft: Music
  • Danrell: Mustang model, Sherman model
  • HungryForFood: Mustang, Slater Mill, Sherman icons (original images from Google)
I realise notque posted a compatibility for this civ as well, but my take here is a bit different. Also, I did check with him about this, and he's alright with it.
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I tried to run this mod, and although it is listed as loaded it does not show FDR as a leader in the pick civ/leader screen. I AM running an older version of VP (11/6) does it require the newest version?
Glad to see Iowa class given the boot (Iowa class is the base model for the default battleship).

An idea to make the mustang more interesting: bombers stationed in a city with a mustang gain 25% defense. That reflects its main role as a bomber escort
HungryForFood updated JFD's The United States of America (Roosevelt) for VP with a new update entry:

v 3 Update

UB: Assembly Plant
- Bonus to Merchant specialists now +1 Gold instead of +4 Production.
- Bonus to Engineer specialists now +1 Production instead of +4 Gold.
- Added bonus +1 Science to Scientist specialists.
- Above changes are in accordance to changes in the 1/8 version of VP, where specialist yields are reduced, and the base Factory no longer has bonuses to specialists.
- Removed bonus to Towns, and bonus to Manufactories now the same as Factories.
- Now that Towns and Manufactories are...

Read the rest of this update entry...


So I liked pineappledan's suggestion, but was procrastinating for a while. The 1/8 update gave me the push to finally code it in.

As long as your bomber is within 1 tile of the Mustang (or upgraded into Jet Fighter), it will gain a promotion that gives it +25% Combat Strength. So, it will hit harder, and take less damage from interception. From my testings, CP DLL applies the promotion quite well, except when stationed on carriers which then move. However, as long as the bomber is next to the Mustang at turn start, the promotion is given correctly.

Note that the number of Engineer specialists is now 1, but the way the code was set up meant that even when using v2, you will still see only 1 Engineer slot (ie I didn't change anything in the code).

Also, I am slightly worried that I overnerfed the Assembly Plant, especially for peace time. To any of you who have played the civ, can you tell what you think about the UB?
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HungryForFood updated JFD's The United States of America (Roosevelt) for VP with a new update entry:

v 4

UA: The New Deal
- Reworked: Now gains 20% towards the next Great Merchant, Great Scientist, and Great Scientist in the capital on policy unlock (no more random chance, no more instant yields, only in capital).
- Reworked: For every Academy, Manufactory, and Town you built, +1 Culture and the appropriate yield in all cities. Effect not lost if the improvement is removed / conquered.

UB: Assembly Plant
- Removed Coal requirement.
- Promotion renamed to Lend-Lease from American Made.


Read the rest of this update entry...


Important: Requires the 20/5/2018 version.

I was not satisfied with the previous UA, because:
  1. Too much RNG.
  2. Could give absurd yields and great people points if you're really wide.
  3. The Culture to GPTI feels at odds with the rest of the UA. It encourages tall play, while the rest wants wide.
Also this update makes this mod fully compatible with 3/4 UC, and adds in the civ events created by JFD.

Victoria should be soon, what's left are events and decisions, and code adjustments for future compatibility with the alternate leaders mod.

Also want to touch up Tojo eventually.
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Just played a game as Roosevelt that was going well; suspiciously so, in point of fact. I just had my suspicions confirmed, unfortunately. In the Renaissance, I met India; very next turn, he comes up 'Afraid;' intrigued, I attempt to Demand Vassalization. It was successful. I thought it was odd, since we were nowhere near each other and his military score wasn't significantly lower than mine, but since it WAS lower I let it go.

A few turns later, Ethiopia comes up 'Afraid' out of nowhere; his military score is significantly higher than mine (30 vs 47), but he still agrees to my demand and becomes my vassal.

That's where I've left the game at the moment. I'm not continuing it, since something is obviously broken. I'll make a quick save and keep the mods around, and for now I'm going to disable custom civs and see if anything crops up in the next game.
I will if I see it crop up in a game without the custom Civs. Custom civs have always been my number one cause of any bugs I encounter; no point in cluttering up Gazebo's desk with self-inflicted bugs.


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Cross-posting here to cover my bases and make sure both mod authors are fully aware of the situation.

Copied from my post to @pineappledan on his Israel thread:

Ridjack said:
As of the new version of VP, enabling Israel breaks 3/4UC for other civs; specifcially, the two JFD/HungryForFood civs that I use (Japan with Hideki Tojo and USA with Franklin D. Roosevelt) both lose their additional UCs if Israel is enabled. IIRC, I was using Roosevelt and Israel together without any problems in the previous patch, although I couldn't swear to that.
I'm playing this civ. Any thoughts on updating the Hermitage replacement in any way given the America changes.

Anyway, my main thing with this civ, is that you are really only playing with the UA for the vast majority of the game, as all the other stuff is late game bonuses. So one idea I had was

Civilian (Conservation) Corps - Worker Replacement

The exact bonus I'm unsure of. One idea for part of it, I had was purchasing with food from the growth pool. Or just being cheaper/no maintenance. Along with a yield bonus, like instant yields on finishing an improvement. Or maybe a special 'Conservation' action which can be done to unimproved tiles, that yields culture and maybe bonuses to nearby normal improvements (since the conservation were for stuff like erosion and flood protection for farms) but prevents normal improvements on it, til it is removed.

But this means you have something else unique in the early game to get you going, before you get your first policy Great People, and well before you unlock the UU and UB.

Another idea I had was a unique national wonder, the Works Progress Administration. I'd like to replace the Hermitage replacement with this. Make it earlier, and have different bonuses, for cultural Great People, and Great Works. Because the New Deal wasn't just building, it was also cultural. There is a bunch of New Deal-style posters, covers and stuff that you could add as unique Great Works.

Anyway, the UA is pretty solid (I like it more than the default America), it's just the rest of the kit. But if that gets polished, I think this could be a very good civ.
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