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MayorS' United States of America: Woodrow Wilson 2016-10-05

MayorS' United States of America: Woodrow Wilson

  1. MayorS
    Add President Woodrow Wilson to the game as a new leader for America

    UA: Fourteen Points
    Upon making peace, recieve a random bonus. During peace Social Policies are 25% cheaper.

    UU: Doughboys
    Wilson's unique replacement for the Great War Infantry, Stronger outside of Friendly Territory. When Fortified slow down and deal damage to adjacent enemies Units, but lose a movement point for that turn.

    UB: Auto Plant
    Replaces the Factory. When in Peace produce a unique Luxury Car Resource. When in war yield +2 Production and +25 production for units. Doesn't require Coal.

    Coding, Design, Art: MayorS
    American ww1 infantry model: bernie14


    1. wilsonthing_kw9.jpg