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The Sioux: Red Cloud 1

Add the Sioux under the leadership of Chief Red Cloud to the Game

  1. MayorS
    UA: Akichita
    Cities with Garrison increases Happiness by 1 and +10 Experience for newly trained units in that city. While at war with a Civilization with 3 or more technologies than the Sioux, units gains a combat bonus and Gold cost of upgrading military units reduced by 15%.

    UU: Tokala (Longswordsman)
    Does not require Iron. +25% Strength vs Gunpowder units. During Peacetime, when garrisoned in a city, that city yields extra Food and Culture.

    UU: War Chief (Great General)
    +1 Movement. War Chiefs and stacked units may Ignores Terrain Costs, and +15% Combat Strength when fighting in Hills, Plains, and Grassland tiles. Can construct a Citadel.


    1. Red_Cloud_Card.jpg