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The Pawnee 2019-12-16

Add the Pawnee to the game.

  1. MayorS
    Add the Pawnee to the Game.

    UA: Morning Star Ritual
    Farms yield Faith when adjected to rivers. Gain Golden Age points based on the faith earn per turn.

    UU: Brave Raven
    The Pawnee Unique replacement for the Lancer. Earn Golden Age point when starting their turn on of Cow, Bison, or Deer resources. Upon reaching level 5 gains the abilities of the Great General.

    UB: Earth Lodge
    The Pawnee unique replacement for the Granary. +1 Food and +1 Faith. Yield Production based on the number of farms in this city. Can only be built in cities by rivers.

Recent Reviews

  1. ryanmusante
    Version: 2019-12-16
    The Pawnee I resonate with is the kind shown in dances with wolves cinema.