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United States of America: Andrew Jackson 2016-10-05

United States of America: Andrew Jackson

  1. MayorS
    Add president Andrew Jackson as the leader of America to the game

    UA: Spoils System
    Upon entering a new Era, recieve a new unique Specialist. Gold building yield -1 and +2 Happiness.

    UU: Frontiersman
    May learn an Unique skill while visiting City States. May build roads and Forts. Have a combat bonus outside Friendly Territory.

    UNW: West Point
    A Great General appears near the [ICON_CAPITAL] Capital and +15 experience for all new units built in this city, 2 [ICON_GREAT_PEOPLE] Great People Point towards Great general, 1 Sergeant specialists slots. Requires a Military Academy in all cities.

    Mayor S: Design, Coding, Art
    zwei833: Frontiersman Model

    Peace: Hail Columbia US Marine Band
    War: Hail Columbia Canadian Brass