More Unique Components for Vox Populi

More Unique Components for Vox Populi 87

Thank you very much, but there are balance issues, code and production issues when linking Age of Enlightenment together.
as close to VP canon as you can get w/o being part of the main mod. If you're loading VP mod into your games, this should be the first mod you add on top
Nothing better than MUCfVP imo, a must have for Civ 5
a necessity for VP!
Amazing mod, little changes for big improvements!
What enormous work and what quality! But also even greater playing pleasure. !
More variety with beautiful art! Brilliant!
I mean, it's extra units
What can go wrong
No seriously why wouldn't you want to double the amount of unique things for every civ
Pretty good mod, adds more stuff to make the game more entertaining
Must have!
I did not know what i was missing until i tried it and i have not played a single game without since then.
Kudos to the amazing team behind it.
It's THE must have mod
Do you want to double the unique flavor of every civ? No? Are you sane? Just download
This is a very good add on to VP
noice XD
Great value!
An enormous quantity of work has been done in design, balance and art. The result is fantastic. This is the best 3rd and 4th UC Mod ever. A gift for VP lovers. And always up-to-date!
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