More Unique Components for Vox Populi

More Unique Components for Vox Populi 87

3rd and 4th unique component for all civilizations. VP compatible (7-15)
All changes in Changelog.txt file.
All credits in Cretits.txt file.

Thank you for all of you who contributed to this mod.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 20 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. 4.2 compatibility

    compatibility update for 4.2 and later. fixed minor text issues
  2. 4.0 compatibility

    changed promotion references to match 4.0 database changes.
  3. 3.8 compatibility

    faith costs updates Byzantine Dromon is now a Galleass replacement French Salon no longer gives...
  4. bug fixes

    random number generator fix iron chariot CS changed to match the lua code
  5. portugal bugfix

    portugal bugfix
  6. bug fixes

    random math reversion. some text fixes
  7. Israel compatibility

    removed Israel's 4UC components
  8. tadodaho for free

    added get a free Tadodaho when completing a policy branch
  9. v86

    v86 - Compatibility - added N.Core's updated enlightenment era compatibility - more text...
  10. v85

    v85 - Compatibility - removed all population requirements for unique national wonders -...

Latest reviews

Just wow. If you look at the updates this mod is still being kept UTD and as other reviewers have said, it's easily one of the most impactful mods alongside VP. 11/10 would use Arabian modern war cavalry again! Hella BF1 vibes lol.
Thank you very much, but there are balance issues, code and production issues when linking Age of Enlightenment together.
as close to VP canon as you can get w/o being part of the main mod. If you're loading VP mod into your games, this should be the first mod you add on top
Nothing better than MUCfVP imo, a must have for Civ 5
a necessity for VP!
Amazing mod, little changes for big improvements!
What enormous work and what quality! But also even greater playing pleasure. !
More variety with beautiful art! Brilliant!
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