More Unique Components for Vox Populi

More Unique Components for Vox Populi 85

- Compatibility
- removed all population requirements for unique national wonders
- text fixes for smaller component changes
- Tweaked/modified:
- Austrian Grenzer
- now only adjusts CS for diplomatic marriages when trained. Does not update on level up
- Incan Qullqa
- removed free Coca resource (and monopoly bonus)
- added +3% gold on empire from city connections
- Qullqa now makes the city immune to starvation and stagnation
- Inca UA
- Yields on mountains changed from 1 Science and Food to 1 Science, Gold, and Production
- Compatibility
- all % need reductions changed to flat reductions except the Mongolian Yassa
- Bugfix
Mongolian Yassa Court yields on city capture fixed (and optimized)
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- Compatibility
- instant yield rework changes added (bullring, Qullqa)
- removed Bison and Deer boosts from Qullqa
- DLL integration for yields on pillage (Qizilbash, Corsair)
- added Brazilwood boost to amphitheaters (Iziko)
- Skirmisher line unit promotion changes for Scythed Chariot, Pancery, Hashemite Raider
CS/RCS changes:
Indian Dhanurgraha: 7/11
Shoshone Yellow Brow: 27
Polish Pancerny: 15/21
Arabian Hashemite Raider: 52/58

- Tweaked/modified:
- Celtic Scythed Chariot
now 5 damage on move (was 10)
Moves reduced to 4
Added Beam Axle movement penalty (+1 move cost to enter rough terrain)
strength increased to 12 CS / 12 RCS
- Assyrian Iron Chariot
Increased base CS to 13
Added Beam Axle movement penalty (+1 move cost to enter rough terrain)
Added Compatibility for v2.6 of VP

- Medieval and Classical Boat half moves in deep ocean
- Archer line changes with addition of Slinger
- Resource changes with addition of Rice and Maize
- Baochuan no longer unlocks early
changed the name of the Beer Hall to Brauhaus
Icrease the happiness per policy slightly to match ideology timing
- Reworked
- Adds the Beer Hall as the unique building for Germany, replacing the Teutonic Order
- Teutonic Order remains as the unique wonder for Prussia custom civ (HungryForFood)
- Tweaked/modified:
- Fale Tele: Now renamed to Marae. Has new icon
- Lamassu Gate:
- Removed Writer Specialist and GWWriting slot
- lowered CS to 3
- Increased city strike modifier to +30%
- Added 15% unit production converted to Faith
Bugfixes and Optimizations
Great Merge Compatibility
Great Merging compatibility
- Reworked
- Adds the Krupp Gun as the unique unit for Germany, replacing the Stormtrooper
- Tweaked/modified:
- New unit models/textures for the Iron Chariot and Scythed Chariot
- Iron Chariot
- lost Fury of Nergal bonus
- Gains Shock Cavalry promotion - 25% CS bonus on open terrain
- Bugfixes
- Roman Latifundium now give Bananas +1 food and +1 gold (compensates for Bananas having no base yields of their own)
- Roman Latifundia only add a Plantation to new Figs if there is no improvement there already (reports of them overwriting GPtiles)
- text fixes
- code optimizations for Grenzer and Khlept
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Stormtrooper now has air defense
silenced some noisy lua notifications
updated credits
Adds the Amazonas as the unique unit for Brazil, replacing the Pracinha
Adds the Stormtrooper as the unique unit for Germany, replacing the Ulfhedinn
lua fix for Latifundia
small text fixes
- Tweaked/modified:
- new art & unit model for Assyrian Iron Chariot
- Siamese Seir Morb:
- Now gives a flat 20 damage if the unit has not moved at all before attacking, rather than damage based on moves left (only relevant if on roads, with partial moves.)
- Bonus damage hits every unit/city on a tile, including embarked units stacked under boats and garrisons inside cities.
- Roman Latifundium improvement time reduced from 1200 to 950
- Ethiopian Monolithic Church improvement time reduced from 1000 to 900
- Danish Longship no longer has Viking Exploration promotion
bug fixes
Tersane now gives GAdmiral points
Monitor city defense bonus increased to 10%
- Compatibility:
- Isibaya and Tersane now allow melee units to fall back to them after kills (credit to InkAxis)
- Bullring now +1 culture/tourism to jungle/forest/pasture
- Salon Tourism to Great Works reduced to +1
- Pitz Court Tourism per Population reduced to 1 per 4
- Greek Klepht now a Commando replacement (melee recon unit)
- removed Mandekalu move to knight and Carolean move to Fusilier
- these changes are now part of PDan's Civ Tweaks Mod, and can be added back there
- tweaked/modified:
- Hippodrome no longer gives unhappiness on Era change; WLTKD reduced to 10 turns
- Compatibility:
- Huey Teocalli now gives +1 Gold to Temples instead of Culture
- Sachems Council now gives 1 faith per CS Ally
- tweaked/modified:
- New unit model for Klepht
- Indian Archer renamed to Danurdhara
- Kampong can now be pillaged/repaired
- Great Galleass now has 4 moves and Bombardment I
- Reworked
- Tersane rework:
Tersane is now a unique improvement
Built by Expending Great Admirals adjacent to cities
Functions as a naval citadel with extra infrastructure bonuses
- France UB rework:
Grande Ecole replaced with Salon, a unique Museum
Gains additional %GP rate per chateau worked
Higher yields and theming bonuses
- Bug Fixes:
- Monolithic church yields for beliefs fixed; re-added stone as a valid tile prerequisite
Huey Teocalli yields updated (compatibility)
Klepht unit graphics update
fixes cattle placement for the Isibaya
- Compatibility:
- Unique components that previously blocked spy actions have had those abilities removed
- Reworked
- InDuna rework:
Ibutho now gives 30XP to stacked unit on Expend
Removed damage to adjacent enemies on Expend
Removed +50% XP for stacked unit
InDuna can now build Kraal unique improvement
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