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More Unique Components for Vox Populi 64

More Unique Components, compatible with Vox Populi - official release

  1. bug fixin' for coimbra and IsNearbyPromotion

    - added improvement bonuses to civilopedia pages (Kampong, Monolithic Church, Latifundia)
    - IsNearbyPromotion re-enabled (it had been deactivated for performance reasons)
    - fixed University of Coimbra lua
    - Ranged attack no longer stays on upgrade for Impi
    - Iron Chariot bonus changed to defense per adjacent enemy unit
  2. hotfix

    removes religious needs from Byzantine era event
    Roman latifundia are now unpillageable again
  3. alti cur update

    alti cur update
    fixes khopesh/mamluk atlas bug
  4. poland/rome fix

    fixes lua errors
  5. barbican fix

    barbican fix
  6. eagle fix

    eagle fix
  7. Bimaristan Update

    - Reworked:
    - Arabian Madrasa replaced with Bimaristsan (mainly aesthetic change)
    - tweaked/modified:
    - Japan Guilds nerfed significantly. % of total bulb reduced on 2 guilds, only give 1 type of yield now.
    - Aztec Eagle. captured workers have Prisoner of War promotion (-50% work rate), but also get a permanent promotion with +25 work rate
    - Net -25/+25 work rate before/after 50 turns
    - Icon updates for Seir Morb and Klepht
    Bug Fixes
    - Code optimizations for...
  8. 01-12 compatibility

    - Reworked:
    - Added the Bullring as a unique replacement for Spain
    - Hacienda is moving to base VP mod
    - tweaked/modified:
    - Impi no longer have ranged strike carry forward. Gunpowder combat bonus has been split into a separate promotion that carries forward
    - Armada no longer have Boarding Party II for free
    - University of Coimbra icon modified. Credit to EmeraldRange
    - Hippodrome era riot downgraded from 1 turn of anarchy per city to 1 turn of -100% needs...
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  9. local culture fix

    Text Fix
    instant culture boosts now contribute to border growth
  10. v 60

    More Unique Components for Vox Populi changelog:
    - changes
    - Egyptian Khopesh (spearman) replaced with Mamluk (Lancer)
    - Indonesian Prau (Trireme) replaced with Djong (Galleass)
    - tweaked/modified:
    - Monitor now has same base movement as the ironclad (no more double movement in coast)
    - Increased base culture of Iziko to 3
    - Chasqui now unlock at Writing
    - updated text issues
    - Reduced Great Bombard's Sahi Topu self-damage to 15. removed +10 healing in...