More Unique Components for Vox Populi 74

More Unique Components, compatible with Vox Populi - official release

  1. bug fixes

    Stormtrooper now has air defense
    silenced some noisy lua notifications
    updated credits
  2. Stormtrooper and Amazonas

    Adds the Amazonas as the unique unit for Brazil, replacing the Pracinha
    Adds the Stormtrooper as the unique unit for Germany, replacing the Ulfhedinn
    lua fix for Latifundia
    small text fixes
  3. Seir Morb and Longship changes

    - Tweaked/modified:
    - new art & unit model for Assyrian Iron Chariot
    - Siamese Seir Morb:
    - Now gives a flat 20 damage if the unit has not moved at all before attacking, rather than damage based on moves left (only relevant if on roads, with partial moves.)
    - Bonus damage hits every unit/city on a tile, including embarked units stacked under boats and garrisons inside cities.
    - Roman Latifundium improvement time reduced from 1200 to 950
    - Ethiopian...
  4. housekeeping

    bug fixes
    Tersane now gives GAdmiral points
    Monitor city defense bonus increased to 10%
  5. 07-01 compatibility

    - Compatibility:
    - Isibaya and Tersane now allow melee units to fall back to them after kills (credit to InkAxis)
    - Bullring now +1 culture/tourism to jungle/forest/pasture
    - Salon Tourism to Great Works reduced to +1
    - Pitz Court Tourism per Population reduced to 1 per 4
    - Greek Klepht now a Commando replacement (melee recon unit)
    - removed Mandekalu move to knight and Carolean move to Fusilier
    - these changes are now part of PDan's Civ Tweaks Mod, and...
  6. Tersane and Salon Rework

    - Compatibility:
    - Huey Teocalli now gives +1 Gold to Temples instead of Culture
    - Sachems Council now gives 1 faith per CS Ally
    - tweaked/modified:
    - New unit model for Klepht
    - Indian Archer renamed to Danurdhara
    - Kampong can now be pillaged/repaired
    - Great Galleass now has 4 moves and Bombardment I
    - Reworked
    - Tersane rework:
    Tersane is now a unique improvement
    Built by Expending Great Admirals adjacent to cities
    Functions as a...
  7. v69 (nice.)

    Huey Teocalli yields updated (compatibility)
    Klepht unit graphics update
  8. Isibaya fix

    fixes cattle placement for the Isibaya
  9. v68 - Induna rework

    - Compatibility:
    - Unique components that previously blocked spy actions have had those abilities removed
    - Reworked
    - InDuna rework:
    Ibutho now gives 30XP to stacked unit on Expend
    Removed damage to adjacent enemies on Expend
    Removed +50% XP for stacked unit
    InDuna can now build Kraal unique improvement
  10. gagaku and latifundium fixes

    fixes for the gagaku and latifundium