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3rd and 4th Unique Components for VP - Official thread

Discussion in 'Mods Repository' started by pineappledan, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. pineappledan

    pineappledan Warlord

    Aug 9, 2017
    Alberta, Canada

    Spoiler Credits for collaborators: :
    Hinin - ideas and early developement of 3rd and 4th Unique Component mod. Mod support, spreadsheets and summarizing, Playtesting, bug reports,
    pineappledan - ideas, research, sql programming, art and game texts. Mod support, spreadsheets and summarizing. Too many forum posts than is healthy, project collaborator,
    Blue Ghost - main page development, coding, bug fixes, merging, game texts, ideas and help with coding other people's parts, project collaborator,
    Infixo - dll coding, ideas and bug reports, lua code, Github help, coding suggestions, VP cooperation and implementations, project collaborator,
    FoxOfWar - Playtesting, quality assurance and ideas,
    Jarula - Ideas and playtesting ,
    De_Genius - 2 civs coded, art and ideas,
    FieryCharizard7 - 1 civ coded, ideas,
    Enginseer - 1 civ coded, some other borrowed parts of code, ideas and help with coding,
    doublex55 - ideas and bug reports,
    BazaarJack - early civ design, ideas and bug reports,
    phantomaxl1207 - early mod design, ideas and bug reports,
    LukaSlovenia29 - ideas and bug reports,
    Hokath - art, ideas, SQL coding and bug reports,
    ThirstQuencher - ideas and bug reports,
    IcyAngel - ideas and bug reports,
    Ziad - ideas and bug reports,
    Chandler - ideas and bug reports,
    CrazyG - ideas and bug reports,
    Gazebo - patience during answering on many questions, author of VP,
    and I should thank myself but at least I can put what I managed to give to this mod:
    Adan_eslavo - All other coding, assembly puttings things together, main post development, ideas, bug fixes, art, advice, testing, texts, promotion overhauls and many more
    If I forgot to mention someone please give me a call.

    Unique components are buildings, units, or tile improvements which are exclusive to a single civilization. This mod increases the number of unique components of each of the base 43 civilizations from 2 to 4. Many of the components from this mod are collected from many of the great mods already existing for VP, but some are exclusive to this mod. In addition to the new UCs, some base components of civilizations have been modified, either to adjust and incorporate the new components smoothly into the game, or as a way of altering balance. Many AI flavours have been adjusted to help the AI accomodate for the new tools at their disposal.

    Detailed descriptions of each of the new UCs by civilization can be found below.
    Techs and construction costs for each component are italicized.
    features or aspects of unique components which are different from the base using or building they replace are underlined.

    Spoiler America :
    UM - Monitor (replaces Ironclad):
    unlocked at Industrialization
    900 :c5production: Production cost
    56 :c5strength: CS

    "Hardened" (Damage received is reduced by 3)
    "Coastal Guard" (+5% :c5strength: City Defense to adjacent Cities)
    "Steam Power" (Double :c5moves: Movement on Coast)
    Requires Coal​

    UB - Homestead (replaces Stable):
    unlocked at Chivalry
    300 :c5production: Production cost

    +1 :c5production: Production
    +2 :c5food: Food, +2 :c5production: Production and +2 :c5gold: Gold to Horse, Cattle, Sheep and Bison Resource
    +33% :c5production: Production toward Mounted Units
    +10% :c5war: Military Supply Cap
    +25% Border Growth Rate
    Claims all Horse, Sheep, Cattle and Bison Resources within 3 tiles of the City. Immediately gives 20:c5production: production, scaling with era, for each tile claimed in this way

    Spoiler Arabia :
    UM - Hashemite Raider (replaces Light Tank):
    unlocked at Combustion
    1200 :c5production: Production cost

    does not require Aluminum
    50 :c5strength: CS, 62 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    4 :c5moves: Movement
    "Garland Mine" (No :c5moves: Movement Points used on Pillage. 10 Damage to adjacent Enemy Units on Pillage)
    "Desert Raider" (Double :c5moves: Movement and +25% :c5strength: CS on Desert)
    is a Mounted Unit instead of Mechanized

    UB - Madrasah (replaces University):
    available at Education
    300 :c5production: Production cost

    +2 :c5faith:Faith and +3 :c5science: Science
    +1 :c5science: Science to Jungle
    +15% :c5greatperson: Great Person Points
    1 :c5science: Scientist Specialist Slot
    Reduces :c5unhappy: Illiteracy
    15 :c5science: Science on :c5faith: Faith Purchase, scaling with era (increased to 75 :c5science: on Great Person :c5faith: Faith Purchase)
    25% of the :c5science: Science Output of the City as an instant boost to your current Research on :c5citizen: Citizen Birth​
    Spoiler Assyria :
    UM - Iron Chariot (replaces Horseman):
    Unlocked Mathematics
    90 :c5production: Production cost

    does not require Horses
    12 :c5strength: CS
    4 :c5moves: Movement
    "Hard and Fast" (+2 :c5strength: Combat Power if Player has more Horses or Iron than Iron Chariot Units. Bonuses can stack)
    "Fury of Nergal" (+7% :c5strength: CS for each adjacent Enemy Military Unit)
    "Rough Terrain Penalty"

    UB - Lamassu Gate (replaces Walls):
    available at Construction
    110 :c5production: Production cost

    +1 :c5culture: Culture and +1:c5faith: Faith
    +10 :c5strength: City Defense
    +50 City HP
    +1 :c5rangedstrength: City Attack Range
    +25% :c5rangedstrength: City Strike Damage
    +20% :c5war: Military Supply Cap from :c5citizen: Population
    1 :c5culture: Writer Specialist Slot
    1 :greatwork: Great Work of Writing Slot
    Spoiler Austria :
    UM - Landwehr (replaces Fusilier):
    Available at Rifling
    625 :c5production: Production cost

    38 :c5strength: CS
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    "Imperial Vigilance" (+25% :c5strength: CS in owned, Friendly or Ally City-State Territory)
    "Regimentsmarsch" (+1 :c5culture: Culture per turn on Garrison or if unit is standing in Fort or Citadel)​

    UB - Schützenstand (replaces Arsenal - Gunsmith in EE):
    Available at Rifling
    850 :c5production: Production Cost
    Does not requires a Castle

    +1 City Attack Range & Indirect Fire
    Blocks Spies from Stealing :c5science: Science
    Heals Garrisons by 10 HP, regardless of action
    +3 :c5production: Production and +3 :c5culture: Culture
    +1 :c5production: Production and +1 :c5culture: Culture for each allied CS
    +15% :c5production: Production towards Land Military Units and +30%:c5production: to Gunpowder Units
    +15 XP to Gunpowder Units on Training
    +25 :c5strength: City Defense
    +200 City HP

    +15% :c5war: Military Supply Cap from :c5citizen: Population​
    Spoiler Aztecs :
    UM - Eagle (replaces Swordsman):
    Available at Iron Working
    100 :c5production: Production cost
    does not require Iron
    16 :c5strength: CS

    2 :c5moves: Movement
    "Captives of War"
    (50% chance of spawning a Worker on Kill (without debuff)​

    UW - Huey Teocalli (replaces Grand Temple)
    Available at Theology
    does not require Temple
    starts a :c5goldenage: Golden Age on on Construction

    +3 :c5faith: Faith (down from +6 :c5faith: Faith)
    +2 :c5faith: Faith and +2 :c5culture: Culture to all Temples, +2 :c5food: Food to all Barracks
    1 :greatwork: Great Work of Music Slot
    Slightly reduces :c5unhappy: Religious Unrest
    receive permanent +3 :c5faith: Faith and +3 :c5food: Food, and +3 XP to units trained in the City (stacks 10 times) Whenever a :c5goldenage: Golden Age Start
    :c5production: Production cost scales with number of Cities​

    UA change:
    added dummy promotion to all Aztec units: "Human Sacrifice" ( :c5gold: Gold and :c5faith: Faith gain on Kill)​
    Spoiler Babylon :
    UM - Sabum Kibitum (replaces Spearman):
    Available at Bronze Working
    70 :c5production: Production Cost

    12 :c5strength: CS
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    "Legacy" (+10% :c5strength: Defense Bonus vs Range Attacks. +8% :c5strength: CS for every 2 levels gained until level 10, then additional +10% :c5strength: CS on level 12 and 25% :c5strength: CS on level 15)
    "Quick Study"

    UW - E-temenanki (replaces National Monument):
    available at Mathematics
    Can only be built in the :c5capital: Capital

    +3 :c5culture: Culture, +3 :c5food: Food, +2 :c5faith: Faith
    +2 :c5food: Food to all Shrines and +1 :c5science: Science to all Monuments
    +30% :c5greatperson: Great Person Points

    1 :greatwork: Great Work of Writing Slots
    15% of current :c5science: Science and :c5food: Food production as an instant boost in the City Etemenanki is built whenever you :c5gold: invest in a building anywhere in empire
    15 :c5culture: Culture on :c5citizen: Citizen Birth, scaling with era.
    50 :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points on :c5culture: Policy Unlock
    :c5production: Production cost scales with number of Cities​
    Spoiler Brazil :
    UM - Pracinha (replaces Infantry)
    unlocked at Radio
    1300 :c5production: Production Cost
    55 :c5strength: CS
    3 :c5moves: Movement Points
    "Expeditionary Force"
    (+1% :c5strength: Combat Strength for every tile between unit and :c5capital: Capital)
    "Glorious Banner" (200 :tourism: Tourism toward all Civilizations on Kill)​

    UB - Sambadrome (replaces Opera House - Salon in EE)
    available at Acoustics
    600 :c5production: Production Cost
    +4 :c5culture: Culture and +4 :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points
    +10% :c5culture: Culture
    +1 :c5gold: Gold and +2 :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points to Musician Specialist

    +33% :c5greatperson: Great Musician Rate
    +25% :c5goldenage: Golden Age Points during :c5goldenage: Golden Ages
    1 :c5culture: Musician Specialist Slot

    1 :greatwork: Great Work of Music Slot
    +3 :tourism: Tourism at Radio
    Spoiler Byzantium :
    UM - Penteconter:
    Penteconter is now first Base Naval Range Unit instead of Dromon​

    UM - Dromon (replaces Penteconter):
    Available at Sailing
    90 :c5production: Production Cost

    5 :c5strength: CS, 17 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    3 :c5moves:Movement
    "Greek Fire" (After attack, enemy gets additional fire damage at the beginning of its turn. Can Stack 3 times from 3 different units. Lost after unit upgrade)
    "Splash Damage I"

    UW - Hippodrome (replaces Circus Maximus):
    available at Metal Casting
    must be built in :c5capital: Capital
    Does not require Arena
    Free Arena in City
    20 turns of :c5happy: WLTKD in Empire on :c5production: Construction
    +1 :c5gold: Gold and +4 :c5culture: Culture
    +2 :c5gold: Gold to all Arenas and +2 :c5culture: Culture to all Circusses
    +1 :c5gold: Gold and +1 :c5culture: Culture to all Horses on Empire
    +15% :c5gold: Gold and +20% :c5culture: Culture on Empire during :c5happy: WLTKD
    +3 :c5happy: Happiness

    Slightly reduces :c5unhappy: Boredom
    1 turn of :c5angry: Anarchy in the Empire and then 10 turns of :c5happy: WLTKD in the Empire on New Era if Player is not in Anarchy State
    :c5production: Production cost scales with number of Cities​

    UA change:
    changed "Leader_Flavor" value for "Naval" to 6​
    Spoiler Carthage :
    UM - Suffet (replaces Great General):
    on Land:
    Can Construct Citadels
    Can disembark to become a Great Admiral
    "Nearby Shophet"
    (At the beginning of the turn adjacent or same tile Friendly Units ignore ZOC for that turn)​
    on Water:
    Standard Great Admiral
    must be in a Friendly City to disembark back to a Shofet

    UB - Tophet (replaces Shrine):
    Available at Agriculture
    65 :c5production: Production cost

    +1 :c5culture: Culture and +3 :c5faith: Faith
    10 :c5culture: Culture on Unit Purchase (with :c5faith: Faith or :c5gold: Gold), scaling with Era
    +5XP to purchased Military Units
    Spoiler Celts :
    UM - Scythed Chariot (replaces Skirmisher):
    Available at Mathematics
    100 :c5production: Production cost

    9 :c5strength: CS, 13 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    (Inflicts 10 Damage to all adjacent enemy units on Move. Ignores ZOC. Lost after unit upgrade)
    "Carnyx" (+10% :c5rangedstrength: RCS vs Archer and Melee Units)
    "Rough Terrain Penalty"
    Requires Horses​

    UM - Pictish Warrior change:
    added dummy promotion: "Druidism" (Unit gains :c5faith: Faith on Kill)​

    UI - Oppidum (Great Merchant Improvement):
    +2 :c5food: Food, +4 :c5gold: Gold, +2 :c5faith: Faith and +2 :c5culture: Culture
    +50% :c5strength: Defense Bonus for stationing units
    allows exploitation of any strategic resource on the tile
    +10 HP to oldest workable City on construction
    adjacency bonuses:
    +1 :c5food:/:c5production: to Farms
    +1 :c5food:/:c5faith: to Camps
    +1 :c5production:/:c5faith: to Pastures
    +1 :c5production:/:c5gold: to Mines
    +1 :c5production:/:c5science: to Quarries
    +1 :c5gold:/:c5culture: to Plantations
    +1 :c5production:/:c5culture: to Lumber Mills
    +1 :c5food:/:c5science: to Logging Camps
    +1 :c5food:/:c5faith: to Fishing Boats​
    gets +3 :c5faith: Faith at Theology, +2 :c5gold: Gold at Economics and +2 :c5production: Production at Industrialization
    Increases WLTKD from Great Merchants​
    UA change:
    substitute "+3 :c5faith: Faith in owned Cities where your Religion is the majority." with "+3 :c5faith: Faith in City after adopting Pantheon. +2 :c5greatperson: GMP in :c5capital: Capital after adopting Pantheon, and in Holy City for each Religious milestone."
    changed "Leader_Flavor" value for "Great People" to 8​

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  2. pineappledan

    pineappledan Warlord

    Aug 9, 2017
    Alberta, Canada
    Spoiler China :
    UM - Xiafan Guanjun (replaces Frigate)
    available at Astronomy
    375 :c5production: Production cost

    28 :c5strength: CS
    36 :c5rangedstrength: RCS

    4 :c5moves: Movement
    (+2 :c5influence: City-State Influence every turn if unit is within its borders)
    Can enter Rival territory
    Raquires Iron​

    UB - Examination Hall (replaces Chancery)
    Unlocked at Education
    300 :c5production: Production cost

    +1 :c5gold: Gold for every City-State Friend and +2 :c5production: Production for every Ally
    +10% :c5production: Production to Diplomatic Units
    15 :c5greatperson: GPP toward Great Person with most points on :c5citizen: Citizen Birth, Scaling with era
    2 :c5influence: Civil Servant Specialists Slots

    "Royal Signet" promotion to Diplomatic Units trained in the City
    +5% :c5greatperson: Great Person rate in the city, increased to +10% during WLTKD)
    Spoiler Denmark :
    UM - Longship (Langskib) (replaces Caravel):
    available at Physics
    150 :c5production: Production Cost

    22 :c5strength: CS
    4 :c5moves: Movement
    "Viking Exploration" (Embarked Unit which start on the same tile as unit with this promotion can move across Ocean until it will leave it)
    "Medic I"
    "Can move after attacking"

    UB - Andelsbevægelse (replaces Agribusiness):
    Unlocked at Fertilizer
    1250 :c5production: Production cost

    does not require Horses
    +5 :c5food: Food, +3 :c5production: Production and 3 :c5gold: Gold

    +3 :c5food: Food to Farms, +3 :c5food: Food, +1 :c5production: Production and +2 :c5gold: Gold to Pastures
    +1 :c5food: Food to Plains
    +10% :c5production: Production when constructing buildings
    +3% Worker Improvement Speed
    Spoiler Egypt :
    UM - Khopesh (replaces Spearman):
    Unlocked at Bronze Working
    70 :c5production: Production Cost

    14 :c5strength: CS
    "Mercy" (+30% :c5strength: CS vs Units at or below 50 HP)
    no "Anti-Mounted"

    UB - Nilometer (replaces Water Mill):
    Unlocked at Masonry
    150 :c5production: Production cost

    can be built in city without River
    +2 :c5food: Food, +2 :c5production: Production and +1 :c5culture: Culture
    +2 :c5production: Production for every 5 :c5citizen: Citizen
    on construction spawns 2 Flax Resources in the City

    UR - Flax:
    bonus resource
    improved by plantation
    +1 :c5gold: Gold
    +1 :c5culture: Culture and +1 :c5production: Production with Plantation​

    NOTE: Roman Latifundia UI can improve Flax

    B - Caravansary/UB - Egyptian Burial Tomb:

    +1 :c5gold: Gold and +1 :c5faith: Faith to nearby Flax.​
    Spoiler England :
    UM - Longbowman (replaces Crossbowman):
    Unlocked at Machinery
    180 :c5production: Production Cost

    16 :c5strength: CS, 23 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    2 Range (3 with Range promotion)
    2 :c5moves:movement
    (20% :c5rangedstrength: RCS/CS vs Mounted and Armored Units)​

    UW - White Tower (replaces Hermitage - Tower of Buddhist Incense in EE):
    available at Banking
    requires Castle
    requires 30 :c5citizen: Population

    +2 :c5culture: Culture
    +1 :c5culture: Culture for every 4 :c5citizen: Citizens
    +2 :c5culture: Culture to all Castles on Empire
    +3 :c5gold: Gold to Constabulary, +3 :c5food: Food to Arsenal in City

    +5 :c5strength: City Defense
    +1 :c5happy: Happiness in the City for every enemy spy killed
    3 :greatwork: Great Works of Art or Artifact Slot
    (+5 :c5gold: Gold and +5 :c5culture: Culture when themed)
    1 free :greatwork: Great Work of Art: The Crown Jewels
    -25% Spy Stealing Rate on Empire

    :c5production: Production Cost scales with number of cities on Empire​
    Spoiler Ethiopia :
    UM - Shotelai (replaces Longswordsman):
    Available at Steel
    150 :c5production: Production Cost

    21 :c5strength: CS
    "Shock I"
    "Maim" (On Attack reduces starting :c5moves: Movement of Enemy Unit by 1)
    "Hooked Weapon" (25% :c5strength: CS vs Mounted Units. Lost after unit upgrade)
    requires iron​

    UM - Mehal Sefari change:
    no "Cover I"

    UI - Monolithic Church (Worker Improvement):
    available at Theology
    build time - 10 turns

    +1 :c5production: Production and +1 :c5faith: Faith
    must be built on unfeatured Hill or Stone
    cannot be adjacent to each other
    improves Stone Resources
    Yields from Monolithic Church scale with Policies, Beliefs and Ideologies instead of technology:
    +1 :c5culture: Culture for every Ancient Era policy tree completed
    +1 :c5faith: Faith for every Medieval Era policy tree completed
    +1 :c5science: Science for every Industrial Era policy tree completed
    +2 :c5gold: Gold for adopting an Ideology
    +1 :c5faith: Faith for every Pantheon belief
    +1 :c5culture: Culture for every Founder belief
    +1 :c5production: Production for every Follower belief
    +1 :c5culture: Culture for every Enhancer belief
    +1 :c5gold: Gold for Reformation belief​
    Spoiler France :
    UM - SPAD S.VII (replaces Triplane):
    available at Flight
    1100 :c5production: Production Cost

    Requires Oil
    45 :c5rangedstrength: RCS, 6 :c5rangedstrength: Intercept Range
    "Air Logistics" (can attack twice per turn)​

    UB - Grande École (replaces Public School - Academy in EE):
    available at Scientific Theory
    1000 :c5production: Production Cost

    7 :c5gold: Gold Maintenance
    +3 :c5production: Production, +5 :c5science: Science and +1 :c5culture: Culture
    1 :c5science: Scientist Specialist
    +1 :c5production: Production and +1 :c5science: Science for every 2 :c5citizen: Citizens in the City
    +3 :c5production: Production to Scientist and +3 :c5science: Science to Engineers
    +2 :c5production: Production and +2 :c5science: Science at Computers

    Greatly reduces :c5unhappy: Illiteracy
    allows training Archaeologists
    UA change:
    changed "Leader_Flavor" value for "Science" to 7​
    Spoiler Germany :
    UM - Slaganz (replaces Warrior):
    available at Agriculture
    32 :c5production: Production Cost

    8 :c5strength: CS
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    “Furor Teutonicus” (+50% :c5strength: CS vs Barbarians) - no 'Brute Force' Promotion
    "Barbarian Alliance" (50% chance of converting defeated Barbarian Units. On conversion, +5 :c5influence: Influence with nearest :c5citystate: City-State)​

    UW - Teutonic Order (replaces Heroic Epic):
    available at Chivalry
    free Armory in the City
    +1 :c5culture: Culture and 3 :c5faith: Faith
    +2 :c5production: Production for every 5 :c5citizen: Citizens
    50 City HP
    +2 :c5faith: Faith, +5 :c5strength: Defense and 50 HP to all Barracks
    units trained in a city with a Barracks gain the "Morale" Promotion
    all melee land units immediately gain the "Chapter" promotion (+10% :c5strength: CP outside friendly territory. On city conquest automatically de-converts population not following your majority religion to no religion) Promotion

    1 :greatwork: Great Works of Writing Slot
    :c5production: Production Cost scales with number of Cities on Empire​
    Spoiler Greece :
    UM - Klepht (replaces Gattling Gun - Light Infantry in EE):
    available at Rifling
    650 :c5production: Production Cost

    23 :c5strength: CS, 45 :c5rangedstrength:RCP
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    "Altitude Training"
    "Can Move After Attacking"
    (Gain :c5gold: Gold and :c5production: Production for every CS Ally or Friend on Fight)
    no "Covering Fire I"

    UB - Agora (replaces Market):
    available at Trade
    110 :c5production: Production Cost

    +2 :c5gold: Gold and +2 :c5culture: Culture
    1 :c5gold: Merchant Specialist Slot
    +20% :c5production: Production towards Diplomatic Units
    +1 :c5food: Food and +1 :c5production: Production to Spices, +1 :c5food: Food and +1 :c5gold: Gold to Sugar
    :trade: Trade Routes other players make to a city with a Market will generate +1 :c5gold: Gold for both the city owner and the trade route owner
    units in this City get "Proxenos" promotion (+5 :c5influence: Influence and +2 :c5gold: Gold Per Turn in :c5capital:Capital from Diplomatic Missions)​
    Spoiler Huns :
    UM - Tarkhan (replaces Horseman):
    available at Military Theory
    85 :c5production: Production Cost
    15 :c5strength: CS

    4 :c5moves: Movement
    "Migration" (Settlers and Workers that begin a turn stacked with a Tarkhan gain 1 :c5moves: Movement Point)
    "Bellum Alet" (Unit Heals adjacent Friendly Units by 10 HP on Pillage)
    requires Horses​

    UM - Horse Archer change:
    12 :c5rangedstrength: RCS (lowered by 2)
    added "Last Chance" (Unit attacks automatically if used last :c5moves: Movement Point and has not attacked this turn)​

    UW - Alti Cur Council (replaces Ironworks):
    available at Physics
    does not require Forge
    +10 :c5production: Production, +3 :c5culture: Culture and +3 :c5science: Science
    +2 :c5production: Production and +2 :c5culture: Culture to all Stables

    25 :c5science: Science for every :c5production: Constrution
    100 :c5gold: Gold and +6 :c5happy: Happiness for 20 turns when you demand Tribute from :c5citystate: City-States. Resets every time you demand tribute.
    Spoiler Inca :
    UM - Chasqui (replaces Scout):
    available at Sailing
    90 :c5production: Production Cost

    10 :c5strength: CS
    2:c5moves: Movement
    "Altitude Training"
    (+1:c5moves: movement inside Friendly Territory. +10 additional HP on heal)
    "Ignores Terrain"
    "Treasure Hunter I"​

    UB - Qullqa (replaces Granary):
    available at Pottery
    65:c5production: production cost
    1:c5gold: maintenance

    +1 :c5food:
    15% of :c5food: is carried over after a new Citizen is born
    +1:c5food: to nearby Wheat, Deer, Bananas and Bison
    Allows :c5food: to be moved from this City along trade routes inside your civilization.
    +5 HP heal every turn for units stationed in this city, regardless of Action
    A Coca resource appears beneath the City
    (2:c5production: on tile)

    UR - Coca:
    Luxury Resource
    Appears underneath city on completion of Qullqa (replaces existing resources)
    +2:c5production: on Resource
    Monopoly bonus: All land units receive +15% improvement Speed and ability to cross mountains​

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  3. pineappledan

    pineappledan Warlord

    Aug 9, 2017
    Alberta, Canada
    Spoiler India :
    UM - Dhanurgraha (replaces Archer):
    available at Trapping
    60 :c5production: Production Cost

    6 :c5strength: CS, 9 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    2 Range
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    "Epic" (Gain 75% killed unit :c5strength: Strength as :c5culture: Culture. Bonus doubled vs barbarians. 5XP on kills)
    "Dhanurvidya" (Gain :c5faith: Faith and :c5culture: Culture on Levelling)​

    UM - Naga Malla change:
    Has "Accuracy I"​

    UB - Mughal Fort (Qila) (replaces Castle):
    available at Chivalry
    300 :c5production: Production Cost

    +2 :c5culture: Culture
    2 :c5gold: Gold Maintenance
    +1 :c5production: to Quarry
    10% :c5strength: City Defense converted to :c5culture: Culture
    +15 :c5strength: City Defense
    +100% :c5rangedstrength: City Strike Strength
    +1 :c5strength: City Defense for every National Wonder and World Wonder built in the City
    +125 City HP
    1 :c5greatperson: Great Artist Points
    1 :greatwork: Great Work of Art Slot
    +10% :c5war: Military Supply Cap from :c5citizen: Population
    Slightly reduces :c5unhappy: Distress
    +3 :tourism: Tourism at Flight
    Spoiler Indonesia :
    UM - Prau (replaces Trireme):
    available at Fishing
    70 :c5production: Production Cost

    14 :c5strength: CS
    4 :c5moves: Movement (6 with 'Flying the Ama')
    "Flying the Ama (+2 :c5moves: Movement. Lost after unit upgrade)

    UI - Kampong (Worker Improvement):
    available at Sailing
    build time - 7 turns

    can be built on featureless Lake and Coast
    cannot be built next to each other
    +1 :c5food: Food and +1 :c5culture: Culture
    +1 :c5production: Production to adjacent Fishing Boats
    +1 :c5production: Production at Compass, +1 :c5culture: Culture at Navigation, +1 :c5food: Food at Dynamite, +1 :c5science: at Ecology​

    UA change:
    changed "Leader_Flavor" value for "Naval Tile Improvement" to 8
    changed "Leader_Flavor" value for "Naval" to 9​
    Spoiler Iroquois :
    UM - Prowler (replaces Musketman):
    available at Metallurgy
    275 :c5production: Production Cost

    20 :c5strength: CS, 32 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    2 Range
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    "Withdraw Before Melee"
    "Indirect Fire"

    UW - Sachem's Council (replaces Scrivener's Office):
    available at Mathematics
    Requires 15 :c5citizen: Population
    +1 :c5culture: Culture per 5 :c5citizen: Citizens
    +1 :c5food: Food in City for every City-State Friend and +2 :c5faith: Faith for every Ally
    +1 :c5culture: Culture to all Councils and +2 :c5gold: Gold to all Chanceries
    +10% :c5production: Production towards Diplomatic Units
    +2 :c5greatperson: Great Diplomat Points
    +3 Paper

    2 :c5influence: Civil Servant Specialist Slot
    1 free Emissary
    +1 :c5happy: Happiness for every Defensive Pact or Declared War
    Great Diplomats gain "Reciprocity" Promotion
    (After performing diplomatic mission all yields from that tile are added to your capital's revenue if target City-State is an ally, or only half of them if it is not)
    :c5production: Production Cost scales with number of cities on Empire​
    Spoiler Japan :
    UM - Yamato Class (replaces Battleship)
    available at Rocketry
    2000 :c5production: Production Cost

    45 :c5strength: CS, 80 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    2 Range
    (3 with Range promotion)
    6 :c5moves: Movement
    "Kantai Kessen" (Unit gains Great Admiral Points on Kill)
    "Armor Plating I"
    600 :c5goldenage: GAP on Construction
    Enemies receive 400 :c5culture: Culture and 400 :c5goldenage: GAP for sinking a Yamato

    requires Iron​

    UB - Kabuki Theater (replaces Opera House):
    available at Acoustics
    600 :c5production: Production Cost

    does not require an Amphitheatre
    +3 :c5culture: Culture
    +5% :c5culture: Culture
    +66% :c5culture: Great Musician Points
    +33% :c5culture: Great Artist and :c5culture: Great Writer Points

    +1 :c5gold: Gold to all Musicians' Guilds
    replaces each of the Guilds with a unique japanese version of that Building :c5production: on construction
    UB - Gagaku Guild (replaces Musicians' Guild):
    +2 :c5faith: Faith to :c5culture: Musician and :c5citystate: Civil Servant Specialists
    +5 :c5greatperson: Great Musician Points
    +1 :c5culture: Culture to all Kabuki Theaters on Empire

    2 :c5culture: Musician Specialist Slots​

    UB - Monogatari Guild (replaces Writers' Guild):
    +2 :c5gold: Gold to Writer Specialists
    +5 :c5greatperson: Great Writer Points
    +1 :c5production: Production to all Kabuki Theaters on Empire

    2 :c5culture: Writer Specialist Slots
    UB - Ukiyo-e Guild (replaces Artists' Guild):
    +2 :c5science: Science to Artist Specialists
    +5 :c5greatperson: Great Artist Points
    +1 :tourism: Tourism to all Kabuki Theaters on Empire

    2 :c5culture: Artist Specialist Slots​
    Spoiler Korea :
    UM - Turtle Ship (replaces Caravel - Carrack in EE):
    available at Compass
    185 :c5production: Production Cost

    32 :c5strength: CS
    4 :c5moves: Movement
    "Coastal Patrol" (Half :c5moves: Movement in Deep Ocean)
    "Deck Spikes" (+25% :c5strength: CS vs Melee Units)​

    UB - Chaebol (replaces Stock Exchange):
    available at Electricity
    1250 :c5production: Production Cost

    +3 :c5production: Production and +5 :c5gold: Gold
    +1 :c5gold: Gold per 2 :c5citizen: Citizens
    +2 Gold to Towns near City
    +3 :c5production: Production to Factory in City
    +2 :c5gold: Gold, +2 :c5science: Science and +2 :c5culture: Culture to all Chaebols on Empire
    +2% :c5greatperson: GPP for every :trade: International Trade Route you own

    cost of :c5gold: Gold Purchasing reduced by 10%
    1 :c5gold: Merchant Specialist​
    Spoiler Maya :
    UM - Holkan (replaces Pathfinder):
    available at Agriculture
    45 :c5production: Production Cost

    6 :c5strength: CS
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    "Trailblazer I"
    "Lost Codicies"
    (Gain 10 :c5science: Science from Ancient Ruins)
    "Renewal Cycle" (Heals unit by 30 HP every 20 turns, scaling with Game Speed)
    no "Barbarian Penalty"
    "Ignores Terrain"
    UM - Atlatlist change:
    "Atlatlist Strike" is now "Poisoned Weapon" (+33% :c5rangedstrength: RCP vs Wounded Units. Stays after unit upgrade)​

    UB - Ball Court (replaces Arena):
    available at Masonry
    150 :c5production: Production Cost

    +2 :c5faith: Faith, +2 :tourism: Tourism and +2 :c5culture: Culture
    10 :c5faith: Faith and 10 :c5science: Science, scaling with Era at the beginning of every B'ak'tun

    +1 :c5culture: Culture to Perfume, +1 :c5food: Food and +1 Gold :c5gold: to Olives
    +2 :c5production: Production to Armory, Barracks and Forge
    Land Units trained in the city gain "K'atun Ahaw" Promotion (Every 20 game turns unit gets new promotion. Old one is lost):
    Hun: 5XP, 5% :c5strength: CS
    Ka'a: 10XP, 10% :c5strength: CS, 5% :c5strength: CS in Forest/Jungle
    Oox: 10XP, 10% :c5strength: CS, 15% :c5strength: CS in Forest/Jungle
    Kan: 15XP, 10% :c5strength: CS, 15% :c5strength: CS in Forest/Jungle, +10 HP on Heal in friendly territory​
    Slightly Reduces :c5unhappy: Boredom​
    Spoiler Mongolia :
    UM - Black Tug (replaces Knight):
    Available at Chivalry
    200 :c5production: Production Cost

    28 :c5strength: CS
    4 :c5moves: Movement
    "Mingghan" (+5 XP for pillaging. +20% :c5strength: CS when standing on pillaged tile)
    "Charge I"
    Requires Horses​

    UB - Yassa Court (replaces Courthouse):
    available at Philosophy
    200 :c5production: Production Cost

    Automatically built in non-occupied cities after discovering Philosophy
    :c5production: Production Cost is slightly increased with number of Cities
    +20% :c5production: Production towards Military Land Units (Range, Siege, Mounted and Armored)
    Removes :c5occupied: Extra Unhappiness from Occupation
    -1 reduction of :c5unhappy: Distress, Boredom, Illiteracy, and Religious Tensions on Empire for every Yassa on Empire
    10 :c5gold: Gold, 10 :c5science: Science and 10 :c5culture: Culture from City conquests
    Spoiler Morocco :
    UM - Corsair (replaces Corvette - Ship of the Line in EE)
    available at Navigation
    350 :c5production: Production Cost

    5 :c5moves: Movement
    38 :c5strength: CS
    (Gain :c5production: Production and :c5food: Food on Kills, Pillaging and Plundering :trade: Trade Routes)
    Can Enter Rival Territory

    UB - Riad (replaces Garden):
    Available at Theology
    300 :c5production: Production Cost

    does not require River
    no Maintenance Cost

    +1 :c5food: Food and +1 :c5gold: Gold to Citrus and Cocoa
    +1 :c5food: Food and +3 :c5gold: Gold to Oases
    +25% :c5greatperson: Great People Points
    +15% :c5gold: Gold during :c5goldenage: Golden Age
    +2 :c5gold: Gold, +2 :c5culture: Culture and 1 :c5greatperson: Great Merchant Points for each :trade: Trade Route from this City
    Spoiler Netherlands :
    UM - Goedendag (replaces Pikeman):
    available at Steel
    100 :c5production: Production Cost

    20 :c5strength: CS
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    "Burgemeeste" (+25% :c5strength: CS when standing on a tile with luxury resource)
    "Goedendag!" (+25% :c5strength: CS against mounted units. +10% :c5strength: CS for all adjacent ally units)
    City growth Stagnates during construction (50% of :c5food:Food converted to :c5production: Production, like Settler)​

    UB - Waag (replaces Bank - Weigh House in EE)
    available at Civil Service
    350 :c5production: Production Cost
    Requires a Market in the city

    +2 :c5gold: Gold
    15% of :c5gold: Gold spent is converted into :c5science: Science
    +3 :c5gold: Gold to Market, Caravansary, and Customs House
    Greatly reduces :c5unhappy: Poverty
    +3 :c5gold: Gold to Gold, +1 :c5gold: Gold, +1 :c5production: Production and +1 :c5culture: Culture to Silver, +1 :c5gold: Gold and +1 :c5culture: Culture to Gems
    2 :c5gold: Merchant Specialists Slot
    -20% spy effectiveness rate in City
    +2% :c5greatperson: Great Person Points and 1 :c5strength: City Defense for every traded Luxury Resource from other Empires
    (max 20% :c5greatperson: and 10 :c5strength: )​

    UI - Polder change:
    can be built on Marsh (regardless of Fresh Water source)
    all enemy units which walk on Marsh lost their left Movement Points
    no bonus to Towns and Villages​
    Spoiler Ottomans :
    UM - Great Turkish Bombard (Unique Siege Unit Class):
    available at Machinery
    375 :c5production: Production Cost

    may only have 2 at one time.
    15 :c5strength: CS, 44 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    2 Range
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    "City Assault"
    "City Siege I"
    "Siege Inaccuracy II" (-50% :c5rangedstrength: RCS vs Land Units. Lost after unit upgrade)
    "Sahi Topu" (Unit damage itself on Attack for 20 HP. +10 HP on heal in Friendly Territory)
    requires Iron​

    UB - Tersane (replaces Harbor):
    available at Compass
    350 :c5production: Production Cost

    +2 :c5production: Production and +2 :c5gold: Gold
    +1 :c5production: Production and +1 :c5food: Food to Coast and Ocean

    +1 :c5gold: Gold to Sea Resource
    +50% :c5production: Production towards Cargo Ships
    +30% :c5production: towards Naval Military Units
    +100 City HP
    +10% :c5war: Military Supply Cap from :c5citizen: Population
    when a :trade: Sea Trade Route originating here and targeting another Civ is completed, receive a :tourism: Tourism boost with the civ based on your recent :c5culture: Culture output
    :trade: Sea Trade Routes gain +50% Range and +2 :c5gold:
    Naval Melee Units in this City recieve the :c5plus: "Prize Ships" promotion.

    UA change:
    changed "Leader_Flavor" value for "Offense" to 7
    changed "Leader_Flavor" value for "Naval" to 6
    changed starting bias:
    deleted Hills
    added Coast​
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  4. pineappledan

    pineappledan Warlord

    Aug 9, 2017
    Alberta, Canada
    Spoiler Persia :
    UM - Qizilbash (replaces Lancer):
    available at Metallurgy
    350 :c5production: Production and 350 :c5faith: Faith Cost

    can be Purchased with :c5faith: Faith without the Zealotry Tenet
    40 :c5strength: CS

    4 :c5moves: Movement
    "Safavi Agitator" (Gains +1 :c5faith: Faith, +2 :c5gold: Gold and +2 :c5goldenage: GAP for every turn spent in enemy territory)
    Requires Horses​

    UB - Paradise Garden (replaces Garden):
    Available at Theology
    350 :c5production: Production cost

    does not require River
    +3 :c5culture: Culture and +3 :tourism: Tourism
    +1 :c5food: Food and +1 :c5gold: Gold to Citrus and Cocoa
    +2 :c5gold: Gold to Oases
    +25% :c5greatperson: Great Person Points
    +5% :c5goldenage: Golden Age Length
    30 :c5culture: Culture when a :c5goldenage: Golden Age begins

    UA change:
    changed "Leader_Flavor" value for "Culture" to 6​
    Spoiler Poland :
    UM - Pancerni (replaces Heavy Skirmisher):
    available at Physics
    175 :c5production: Production cost

    17 :c5strength: CS, 23 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    4 :c5moves: Movement
    "Bogurodzica" (+25% Defense. Gain :c5faith: Faith on Kill. Bonus doubled on barbarians)
    Requires Horses​

    UB - Barbican (replaces both Armory and Castle)
    Available at steel
    Requires walls in city
    2:c5gold: Gold Maintenance

    +3:c5science:, +3:c5culture:
    +1:c5production: to Quarries near City
    +20 :c5strength: City Defense
    +125 City HP
    +125% :c5rangedstrength: City Strike damage
    +33% :c5rangedstrength: RCS for garrisoned units in this city
    +25 XP for units in this city
    +2 military :c5war:Supply cap
    +10%:c5war: supply cap from Population

    Reduces :c5unhappy: Distress
    1 :greatwork:Great work of Art Slot

    UA change:
    changed "Leader_Flavor" value for "Mobile" to 9​
    Spoiler Polynesia :
    UM - Koa (replaces Scout):
    available at Sailing
    80 :c5production: Production Cost

    12 :c5strength: CS
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    "Kapu Ku'ialua" (After attacking, enemy unit takes an additional 10 "bleed" damage at the start of their turn. Effect can stack up to 3 times)
    no "Barbarian Penalty"
    "Ignores Terrain"
    "Treasure Hunter I"​

    UB - Fale Tel'e (replaces Council):
    available at Wheel
    65 :c5production: Production cost

    +1 :c5science: Science and +1 :c5culture: Culture
    5 :c5science: Science on :c5citizen: Citizen Birth
    +3 :c5culture: Culture, :c5gold: Gold, and :c5food: Food Whenever a Building is Constructed in City, scaling with Era

    UA change:
    changed "Leader_Flavor" value for "Recon" to 7​
    Spoiler Portugal :
    UM - Cacadores (replaces Gatling Gun - Light Infantry in EE):
    available at Dynamite
    700 :c5production: Production Cost

    2 :c5moves: Movement
    30 :c5strength: CS, 48 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    2 Range
    2 BaseLandAirDefense
    Covering Fire
    "Fighting Cock" (Whenever this unit levels up, it gets a promotion from either the Survivalism or Trailblazer lines along with its normal promotion)​

    UB - University of Coimbra (replaces Oxford University):
    Available at Education
    does not require University

    free University
    +5 :c5science: Science and +5 :c5culture: Culture
    +2 :c5gold: Gold to all Universities
    +2 :c5gold: Gold and +1 :c5production: Production in City where U of Coimbra is built for every Feitoria built in Foreign Territory

    75 :c5culture: Culture for Researching a Technology, scaling with Era
    Reduces :c5unhappy: Illiteracy
    all naval units receive the "Age of Discovery" promotion (Gain :c5gold: Gold whenever tiles are revealed by a Naval Unit)
    free :c5science: Great Scientist
    2 :greatwork: Great Work of Writing Slots (+4 :c5science: Science when themed)
    :c5production: Production cost scales with number of cities on Empire​
    Spoiler Rome :
    UA Change - Rome Cannot Capture Unique National Wonders

    UM - Ballista (Catapult Replacement):
    available at Mathematics
    100 :c5production: Production Cost

    7 :c5strength: CS, 13 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    "Legatus Legionis"
    (+1 :c5moves: Movement Point if :c5capital: GG is within 2 tiles)
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    no "Siege Inaccuracy"
    no "Limited Visibility"

    "Moves at Half-Speed in Enemy Territory"​

    UM - Legion change:
    "Praefectus Castrorum" (Unit creates Improvements 60% faster if :c5capital: GG is within 2 tiles. Lost after unit upgrade)
    "Pilum" stays after unit upgrade​

    UI - Latifundium:
    available at Calendar
    build time - 12 turns

    must be built on any Luxury Resource requiring plantation, Bananas or Wheat
    improves resource beneath
    +1 :c5food: Food and +1 :c5culture: Culture
    +2 :c5gold: at Currency, +1 :c5food: Food and +1 :c5production: Production at Civil Service, +1 :c5gold: at Economics, +1 :c5food: Food and +1 :c5production: Production at Fertilizer
    +1 :c5culture: Culture to adjacent Plantation and +1 :c5production: Production to adjacent Farm
    spawns Figs Resource with Plantation on completion
    if spawned figs are outside the Roman borders, Rome claims that tile
    if spawned figs are in foreign territory, Rome steals that tile
    cannot be pillaged​

    UR - Figs:
    bonus resource
    improved by plantation
    +1 :c5food: Food
    +1 :c5food: Food and +1 :c5production: Production with Plantation​

    B - Grocer/UB - Austrian Coffee House change:
    +1 :c5food: Food, +1 :c5production: Production and +1 :c5gold: Gold to Figs​
    Spoiler Russia :
    UM - Licorne (replaces Field Gun):
    Available at Metallurgy
    700 :c5production: Production Cost

    2 Range
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    25 :c5strength: CS, 40 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    Siege inaccuracy
    "Cover I"
    "bonus vs cities" (100)
    "Grapeshot" (+50% RCS vs melee units)
    "Can Move After Attacking"
    no "Moves at Half-Speed in Enemy Territory"

    UB - Pogost (replaces Customs House):
    Available at Guilds
    350 :c5production: Production Cost

    Building evolves:
    Stage 1: Market:
    +3 :c5culture: Culture and +2 :c5gold: Gold
    +10% :c5gold: Gold from :c5trade: City Connections in City
    +1 :c5gold: Gold to Villages and Towns

    1 :c5gold: Merchant Specialist Slot
    +4/2 :c5gold: Gold to all :trade: Trade Routes to/from this city respectively
    Reduces :c5unhappy: Poverty
    when a :trade: Trade Route originating here and targeting another Civ is completed, receive a :tourism: Tourism boost with the civ based on your recent :c5culture: Culture output​
    Stage 2: Intendant's Residention
    unlocked at Banking:
    +2 :c5science: Science
    +10% :c5gold: Gold from :c5trade: City Connections in City
    Stage 3: Eastern Orthodox Church
    unlocked at Architecture:
    +2 :c5faith: Faith
    +2 :c5faith: Faith to Shrine, Temple and Monastery
    +10% :c5gold: Gold from :c5trade: City Connections in City

    UB - Ostrog change:
    moved to "Rifling"​
    Spoiler Shoshone :
    UM - Yellow Brow (replaces Tercio):
    Available at Gunpowder
    300 :c5production: Production Cost

    27 :c5strength: CS
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    "Big Horse Dance" (Fights at Full when damaged. Defense Bonus when fortified is doubled)
    "Anti Mounted"​

    UB - Buffalo Pound (replaces Well):
    Available at Trapping
    65 :c5production: Production Cost

    No :c5gold: Gold Maintenance
    can be built on Fresh Water
    can be built in cities with a Water Mill, and does not block Water Mill

    +1 :c5food: Food and +2 :c5production: Production
    +1 :c5food: Food for every 5 :c5citizen: Population
    +1 :c5food: to Sheep, Cattle, Horse and Bison
    A Bison tile appears near the City, if possible
    Spoiler Siam :
    UM - Seir Morb (replaces Field Gun - Howitzer in EE):
    Available at Rifling
    900 :c5production: Production Cost

    27 :c5strength: CS, 45 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    "Coastal Cannon" (+25% :c5rangedstrength: vs Naval Units)
    "Crouching Tiger" (+15% :c5rangedstrength: RCS on attack for every full movement point left on Seir Morb. Lost after unit upgrade)
    "Cover I"
    "Cover II"
    no "City Bonus"
    no "Naval Penalty"

    Requires Iron​

    UM - Naresuan's Elephant change:
    Increased :c5production:Production cost to 225
    Has "General Stacking" promotion​

    UB - Elephant Camp (replaces Workshop):
    Available at Civil Service
    350 :c5production: Production Cost

    4 :c5gold: Gold maintenance
    1 Great Engineer Specialist Slot
    +6 :c5production: Production, +2 :c5culture: Culture and +1 :c5faith: Faith
    +1 :c5production: Production and +1 :c5gold: Gold to Forest
    +1 :c5culture: Culture to Lumber Mill and Logging Camp
    +1 :c5production: Production and +1 :c5gold: Gold in city for every 2 Strategic resources gifted by City-States
    receive 20 :c5production: Production and 20 :c5culture: Culture every time a City-State gifts a unit, scaling with Era

    allows :c5production: Production to be moved from this city along :trade: Trade Routes inside your civilization
    UB - Wat change:
    Enemy Spies cannot disrupt :c5production: Wonder Production, cause :c5angry: Resistance or destroy :c5food: Food
    Added 2 slots for Great Works of Writing (+3:c5faith:, +3:c5science: when themed)
    Removed +1 :c5culture: Culture to Forest and Jungle​

    UA change:
    changed "Leader_Flavor" value for "Defense" to 8​
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  5. pineappledan

    pineappledan Warlord

    Aug 9, 2017
    Alberta, Canada
    Spoiler Songhai :
    UM - Sofa (replaces Crossbowman):
    available at Chivalry
    130 :c5production: Production Cost

    14 :c5strength: CS, 19 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    2 Range
    2 :c5moves: Movement
    "Medic I"
    "Father of the Horse"
    (+15% :c5strength: CS and :c5rangedstrength: RCS for Mounted Units in 2 tile radius)​

    UM - Mandekalu Cavalry:
    Changed to Knight replacement.
    unlocked at Chivalry
    25 :c5strength: CS
    200 :c5production: Production Cost

    UB - Gumey (replaces Caravansary)
    unlocked at Currency
    +2 :c5gold:, +2:c5production:, +1:c5culture:
    When a Land Trade Route originating here and targeting another Civ is completed, receive a Tourism boost with the Civ based on your recent Culture output.
    :trade:Land Trade Routes gain +75% Range and +3 :c5gold: Gold
    +1:c5culture:Culture, and +2:c5gold: Gold to :trade:International Trade Routes in this City for every Global Monopoly on Empire.
    +1:c5gold: to all Nearby Luxury resources

    +1 :c5gold: from Merchants.
    +1 :c5food:/:c5gold: for every 3 desert, or tundra tile worked by city.
    Truffles +2 :c5gold:
    Cotton +1:c5production:/:c5culture:
    Furs +1:c5gold:/:c5production:
    Flax +1:c5gold:/:c5faith:
    Spoiler Spain :
    UM - Armada (replaces Corvette):
    available at Gunpowder
    400 :c5production: Production Cost

    40 :c5strength: CP
    4 :c5moves: Movement
    "Santa Maria"
    (Earn :c5capital: Great Admiral Points from kills)
    "Invincible" (+4 :c5strength: CP at full Health. All Armadas within 5 tiles gain 2 XP on kills. Lost after unit upgrade)
    "Boarding Party I"

    UM - Conquistador change:
    no "Extra Sight II"
    "Scouting I"
    "Scouting II"
    UI - Hacienda (Worker Improvement):
    available at Civil Service
    build time - 8 turns

    +1 :c5food: Food, +1 :c5production: Production, +2 :c5gold: Gold
    +1 :c5culture: Culture if built adjacent to the city
    cannot be built adjacent to other Hacienda
    +2 :c5gold: Gold from each adjacent Luxury Resource
    +2 :c5production: Production from each adjacent Strategic Resource
    +2 :c5food: Food from each adjacent Bonus Resource
    +1 :c5culture: Culture at Architecture, +1 :c5gold: Gold and +1 :c5production: Production at Fertilizer.​

    UB - Mission change:
    add +1:c5faith: Faith to Haciendas worked by the city​

    UA change:
    changed "Leader_Flavor" value for "Tile Improvements" to 7​
    Spoiler Sweden :
    UM - Hakkapeliitta (replaces Lancer):
    available at Metallurgy
    350 :c5production: Production Cost

    38 :c5strength: CS
    4 :c5moves: Movement
    "Great General II"
    "Charge I"
    "General Stacking"
    "Movement to General"

    requires Horses​

    UM - Carolean change:
    moved back to Rifling
    replaces Fusilier
    39 :c5strength: CS
    625 :c5production: Production Cost

    UB - Bastu (replaces Baths):
    Available at Metal Casting
    200 :c5production: Production Cost

    no terrain requirements
    +3 :c5culture: Culture and +1 :c5food: Food

    +1 :c5culture: Culture and +1 :c5gold: Gold to Temple, Amphitheater and Garden
    +10% :c5culture: Culture and +10% :c5food: Food during :c5goldenage: Golden Age
    +1 :c5science: Science to Tundra and Lakes
    15% of :c5science: Science output in city as an instant boost to :c5science: Science and 15% of :c5culture: Culture output in city as an instant boost to :c5culture: Culture whenever a citizen is born
    Spoiler Venice :
    UM1 - Great Galleass (replaces Galleass):
    available at Guilds
    175 :c5production: production

    3 :c5moves: movement
    15 :c5strength: CS, 25 :c5rangedstrength: RCS
    1 Range
    "Can move after attacking"
    "Cannot end turn in deep ocean"
    "Cannot melee attack"​

    UM2 - Fusta (Range Naval class):
    available at Guilds
    125 :c5production: Production Cost

    No :c5gold: Gold Maintenance
    4 :c5moves: Movement Points
    9 :c5strength: CS, 19 :c5rangedstrength: RCS

    1 Range
    "Withdraw before melee"
    "Can move after attacking"
    "Cannot end turn in deep ocean"
    "Cannot melee attack"​

    UB - Laguna (replaces Harbor):
    Available at Compass
    350 :c5production: Production Cost

    +3 :c5food: Food, +3 :c5gold: Gold and +3 :c5culture: Culture
    +1 :c5food: Food to Ocean
    +1 :c5production: Production to Sea Resource
    +2 :c5food: Food and +2 :c5production: Production to Atoll
    +4 :c5gold: Gold for :trade: Trade Routes
    +2 :c5food: Food and +3 :c5gold: Gold to Rialto District for every Laguna on Empire
    +2 :c5production: Production and +2 :c5science: Science to Arsenale de Venezia for every Laguna on Empire
    +2 :c5culture: Culture and +2 :tourism: Tourism to Murano Glassworks for every Laguna on Empire

    100 City HP
    10% :c5war: Unit Supply Cap from :c5citizen: Population
    increases range of :trade: Sea Trading Routes by 75%
    when a :trade: International Sea Trade Route originating here and targeting another Civ is completed, receive a :tourism: Tourism boost with the civ based on your recent :c5culture: Culture output​
    Spoiler Zulu :
    UGP - InDuna (replaces Great General):
    3 :c5moves: Movement Points
    "Iqawe" (When expended, grants +30 XP to the unit the Induna is Stacked with and deal 30 damage to adjacent Enemy Units)
    "Ibutho" (Stacked Melee Unit gains +5XP on Attack, Ranged Units gain +2XP)​

    UM - Impi change:
    "Bonus vs Gunpowder Units" stays on upgrade​

    UB - Iziko (replaces Amphitheater)
    Available at Drama and Poetry
    200 :c5production: Production Cost

    No :c5gold: Gold Maintenance
    +2 :c5culture: Culture and +2 :c5faith: Faith
    :c5culture: Culture on unit Levelling. Scaling with Level
    (1:c5culture: at level 2, 2:c5culture: at level 3, etc.)
    +1 :c5culture: Culture and +1 :c5gold: Gold to Dyes and Silk, +2 :c5culture: Culture to Lapis Lazuli
    +1 :c5gold: Gold to all Writers' Guilds
    +33% :c5greatperson: Great Writer Points
    2 slots for Great Works of Writing (+2 :c5culture: when themed)​
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  6. pineappledan

    pineappledan Warlord

    Aug 9, 2017
    Alberta, Canada
  7. Mitch.sp

    Mitch.sp Chieftain

    Jan 29, 2015
    Well, first guys congrats for almost finishing this arduous project. I'm taking a look with curiosity about new possibilities for each civ.

    For now I've detected these possible errors:

    Byzantium: Missing last changes to UA (-15% faith purchases...) in the picture, and description don't show UA being changed.

    Carthage: Tophet instant culture misses "Scales with era".

    Egypt : Khopesh - "Mercy" (+30 :c5strength: CS vs Units at or below 50 HP)

    Greece: Agora - units in this City get "Proxenos" promotion (+5 :c5influence: Influence and +2 :c5gold: Gold from Diplomatic Missions).
    Is correct the +2 :c5gold: Gold? Suppouse that it's old iteration, because it's irrelevant compared to standard +1.

    Iroquois: Sachem's Council - +3 Paper. It's right or is old value before paper changes done in VP?

    Maya : Atlatlist change: "Atlatlist Strike" is now "Poisoned Weapon" (+33 :c5rangedstrength: RCP vs Wounded Units. Stays after unit upgrade)

    Will update if I see some more.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2018
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  8. Hinin

    Hinin Chieftain

    Aug 1, 2014
    Francia Occidentalis
    So... It has been a year since I began my thread on the subject. A lot of things have happened since and, for logical reasons, the project has changed hands (the new ones being much more capable than the previous ones), but here we are today : after 142 pages of discussion (2827 replies, maybe in the top 20 of the longest threads on this forum), hours upon hours of testing, dozen hours upon dozen hours of coding, some heated debats (thank you Chasqui :smoke:) and a lot of compromises, I hope the v.30.4 will attract many testers, and a positive feedback.

    Even if my involvement in this project has never been what I had hoped for when I first began all of this, I'm truly happy to see this mod "released" : it proves that this year hasn't been all bad for me. I hope that, even if my role has been very minor, I have been of some use during these last six months. :)

    I want to thank all people involved in the creation of this mod :

    - the coders : adan_eslavo (who was just here for Poland initially, and ended up coding most of the civilizations, and created flags), Blue Ghost (the reinitiator of the project after my disparition and the coder of several civs), pineappledan (the jack of all trades of the team : did most of the research, created lots of pictures, was a constant presence on the thread in order to balance things and coded a lot ; also, Indonesia), Infixo (whose arrival in the team made a lot of things possible and was a precious help whenever needed) , De_Genius (coded Denmark and parts of The Netherlands, and was often here to help afterwards) , FieryCharizard7 and Enginseers (each for coding a civilization and giving ideas)

    - the testers : Ziad, CrazyG, IcyAngel, phantomaxl1207, Chandler, LukeSlovenia29, FoxofWar, infidel88, Asterix Rage, Giza, Moi Magnus, WoodenThrone, hokath, David de Vasconcelos, doublex55, ThirstQuencher, Jarula and many others (sorry for those I've forgotten : know that every participation has had its importance :)).

    - Gazebo, for being the best :cool: (that and answering our questions)

    - Also, of course, all the amazing modders and creators of the Civilization community, for making this kind of compilation mod possible through their hard work.

    Now, let's do some testing ! :D
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
  9. Mad Madigan

    Mad Madigan Chieftain

    Jun 15, 2016
    I can't wait to get home this evening and try this out! Been watching the development of this over the last year, but I've had no free time for mod development anymore so I didn't want to try and get involved. But it looks like everything came together in the end, so three cheers to everyone involved with this modmod!
  10. pineappledan

    pineappledan Warlord

    Aug 9, 2017
    Alberta, Canada
    Thank you @Mitch.sp for pointing out the errors. I've made changes to the OP where necessary.
    The pictures were taken with the 2-27 version, which I would consider the most recent "stable" version of VP. America's icon for the Smithsonian has changed since that patch as well. I won't be changing the pictures unless something relating to the 4UC mod changes.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
  11. adan_eslavo

    adan_eslavo Archmage of all Pixels Supporter

    Apr 23, 2017
    Łódź, Poland
    I'm glad we managed to finish that great mod. Please post any bugs on github if you can. It is easier for us to follow what's happening. But I think this version is as clear as possible and does not contain any major issues.

    @pineappledan Could you modify descriptions in this thread to consist of "unordered list" instead of new lines? It would be more clear to read.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
  12. Blue Ghost

    Blue Ghost Chieftain

    Sep 5, 2016
    Congrats on the release! Glad to see this finally out there.
  13. Jarula

    Jarula Chieftain

    Oct 22, 2016
    Great idea new UA for Arabia.

    Can always found religion
    after founding religion all units gain +50% attack for 20 turns
    and for 20 turns on capturing a city free remove heresy and spread religion
    to capture the spirit of the 600 AD Islamic conquests
  14. Hinin

    Hinin Chieftain

    Aug 1, 2014
    Francia Occidentalis
    Well, if we want to be nitpicky :
    - the Historical info for the Kabuki theater is still missing
    - as pineappledan said, the model for the Klepht will make Greek members scream a bit, and should be changed (a red fez or cap instead of the Janissary hat should be enough
    - there is also the problem of the Goedendag : basically, there are two model available, one where the unit is composed of macemen, and one where the unit is composed of spearmen (with shields and English colors) ; to me, the Goedendag model could keep the body of the macemen, but with their weapons by goedendags (maybe barbarian clubs with pikes at their summit), and their stance by the one Longswordmen use
    - also, the flag for the Chasqui is a bit off and quite pixelised, which is unfortunate, since the model for the unit is great

    This is all I can see for now. In terms of coding, as adan_eslavo said, I've not seen a bug for several weeks (the last problem dealt with these days was the unique promotion of the Cacadores, which had not effect, but Infixo put it to work).
  15. phantomaxl1207

    phantomaxl1207 Chieftain

    Nov 19, 2010
    This team should be able to handle this. Shouldn't take another year.
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  16. Gokudo01

    Gokudo01 Chieftain

    Apr 12, 2014
    I will give it a try but I 'm a little sceptical :)
  17. Hinin

    Hinin Chieftain

    Aug 1, 2014
    Francia Occidentalis
    Now, a list of interesting (but maybe not viable) strategies using this mod mod :

    Spoiler By Hinin :

    - Deus Vult, Ketzer ! : With Germany, go full domination/religion (using the German UA to not be too vulnerable during the WC). Try to grab God of War/Goddess of Protection, Hero Worship, Zealotry and Crusader Spirit, with Authority and Imperialism (you may choose Fealty or Statecraft as a second policy tree), and use the city-states you've begun to ally in the early game (thanks to the Slaganz) as your trade route destinations to boost your production (thanks to the Hanse). Always have some Missionaries follow your forces so that you can immediatly convert the cities affected by the "Chapter" promotion and obtain your Reformation quickly. Let's see if your Teutonic chapters can compete with the rest of the world.

    - Nike festivities : With Byzantium, take as much bonus to WLTKD as possible (I suggest taking Theocratic Rule, Way of Transcendence, Synagogue, Mandirs, Resilience and To the Glory of God for your religion, and, of course Burghers from the Fealty tree) : since you're garanted to have WLTKD at the beginning of each era thanks to the Hippodrome, try to focus on producing GMerchants (through GP points or faith) to make so that you are in a near endless WLTKD in your empire and pass one era after the other to trigger Way of Transcendence (you'll have a lot of faith anyway, so converting some neighbours shouldn't be difficult, and your religion won't be the most useful to them).

    - Par Toutatis ! : As the Celts, focus on producing as much Oppida as possible : that means focusing on GMerchants in the early game, and so taking Lugh as a pantheon seems a good choice (with maybe To the Glory of God for reformation), as well as taking the Industry policy tree. It's as simple as that, but the adjacency bonus should be nice enough, and you'll have forts throughout your territory in case of attack. :)

    - Edo-jidai : As Japan, take Tradition and play a mix of GP generation and aggression (to generate GGeneral and GAdmiral points). As always, taking Goddess of Protection is good for Japan, but you can follow with Ceremonial burial and To the Glory of God is possible (with some faith buildings beliefs to have additionnal GW slots). I suggest being defensive in the early game, and then go conquering when you begin having your UCs (maybe take Tradition/Artistry/Imperialism/Autocracy or Freedom).
    The Kabuki theater comes a bit late and isn't cheap, but offers some nice boosts to your cultural specialists in the mid-game : this is not the most impressive strategy, and its effects only really appear beginning the Renaissance era, but you'll have plenty of GWorks to play with in the end-game, while also staying powerful defensively.

    - Barbary kingdom : As Morocco, find yourself a powerful ally to hide behind, and distrupt international commerce whenever possible. Using your Corsairs, you can gain great amounts of yields by bullying weaker civilizations. At the same time, send some trade routes to some powerful neighbours, make so they open their borders to you, and plunder all the trade routes of civilizations other than your new ally (it's MY friend => Yandere Amhad al-Mansur... what have I done...).

    Spoiler By pineappledan :

    Spoiler Iroquois - Great Law of Peace :
    4UC tilts Iroquois into becoming a diplo civ, focused mainly on Production of Great Diplomats. Their new Unique Scrivener's Office replacement increases the birth rate of GDF, and gives you a share of the tile yields for each embassy you have created. Always keep your Civil servant slots full, and invest a bit in Great person generation to stay ahead of the curve in CS influence.

    Spoiler Greece - Euergetes and Proxenos :
    The new Agora, in addition to furthering Greece's cultural supremacy, provides a unique gold mechanic to diplomatic units produced in the city. As soon as you have a source of paper, you can start sending Diplomatic units which give more CS influence, and provide +2:c5gold: Gold per turn for the rest of the game in your capital. Greece need not concern itself with CS quests too much, because investing early in diplomatic units can serve as a reliable source of income for the rest of the game.

    Spoiler Assyria - Medean Horses :
    With the 4UC, the first true empire on the planet finally has an early game power spike. With the iron chariot, Ashurbanipal can flood the battlefield with an effective war machine, with only casual concern for strategic resource limits. Use your iron chariots to expand the empire in search of more sources of strategic resources to boost the capabilities of your soldiers.

    Spoiler China - Son of Heaven :
    the Xiafan Guanjun and Exam Hall both add diplomatic focus to the Chinese playstyle. Station your fleets inside CS territory to increase influence, or quicken the normalization of relations after a tribute demand.

    Spoiler Sea Nomads :
    With 4UC, Indonesia's coastal and island flavor has been restored. Their unique improvement, the Kampong of the Sama-Bajau people, and the speedy prau make Indonesia a powerhouse of exploration and economy. Because the Kampong is built on coastal tiles, try to settle small islands with just enough space for your Unique luxuries. The Kampong benefits from lighthouses, harbors and seaports, like any normal coastal tile, but also from Imperialism's Exploitation policy. Be careful, however, because this new UI makes Indonesia an even more attractive target for any would-be conquerors.

    Spoiler Korea - Miracle on the Han River :
    The Chaebol is not an especially powerful building for how late it is, unless you have many cities in your empire. Each additional Chaebol on empire increases the culture, gold and science of ALL chaebols you own! Be sure to settle lots of cities in time for the modern age, so you can create a deluge of yields in all your cities!

    Do you have your own strategies using the modmod to talk about ?
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  18. adan_eslavo

    adan_eslavo Archmage of all Pixels Supporter

    Apr 23, 2017
    Łódź, Poland
    @pineappledan What was planned for Buffalo Pound? I can see in description add food per 4 citizen and it is dding 1 per 5?
  19. pineappledan

    pineappledan Warlord

    Aug 9, 2017
    Alberta, Canada
    It should be whatever the base well is.

    Game text is wrong, but the code is right. I will update that
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  20. Deadstarre

    Deadstarre Expert

    Nov 1, 2015
    New York
    I downloaded it, but noticed there is only 1 file in the folder. however on Github, everything is neatly organized in subfolders (with all of the code on SQL and LUA etc) - why not release in the same format as there (and as VP does) rather than condensing into a single file?

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