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Multiplayer Save Fix 1.0

Fixes the bug that save files in multiplayer would skip a turn when loaded.

  1. Hotox
    Currently there is a save game bug in Civ5 multiplayer: When you save a game or it gets saved automatically, those saves are broken and will skip 1-2 turns when they are loaded.

    This mod fixes this bug by always creating proper saves.

    If you are the host, it will create proper auto saves at the start of your turn in the interval specified in the game options and will also delete old ones if they exceed the max amount.
    Manual saves are also created properly with this mod.

    There are two minor drawbacks:
    - The proper auto saves can not be marked as actual autosaves. This means that they will appear as normal saves in the save file list.
    - Everytime it saves, there will be a very short lag at the start of the round. Rarely, if you move a unit during that lag, it might cause their animation sound to continue playing. This can only be fixed by restarting Civ. But this can be easily prevented by waiting a second at the start of your turn if you are the host.

    1. Download the mod and extract it
    2. Open the steam game folder ".../Sid Meier's Civilization V/Assets/DLC"
    3. Copy the extracted folder "MPSaveFix" into that DLC folder
    4. Restart Civ 5