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Radiant Samurais 3.0

This mod buffs and adds a funnier gameplay to samurai by giving it a new promotion tree

  1. version 3.0

    3.0 Version

    - Warrior Monks are not part of this mod anymore. Mod was renamed "Radiant Samurais". If you want a nice mod for Monks, i suggest you to see my other mod called "Radiant Better Unit Promotions"

    - Samurai Unit base Combat strengh brought back to 50. (they deserve it, because of the cost and maintenance and to help getting xp with dying less vs 45 and 48 units).

    - Samurai Unit base movement nerfed from 3 to 2. (the only way to have a nice mobility will be the related promotion)...
  2. First Volley of nerfs

    Obviously my new samurai is little much too much powerful ! Don't worry im doing these slightly and with lot of testings. It's important to keep our game fun.

    - Promotions rearranged. Niten ichi ryu style (3 fold attack) has moved to ultimate (lvl 4 promotion).

    - Promotion prereqs onto both lvl 3 promotions less permissive. To reach "Meikyo Shisui" you mandatory need "Akuma armors" (first combat strengh bonus) promotion. To reach "Masamune Blades" you mandatory need "Wind slicer" (movement...
  3. Emergency Maintenance

    Emergency Maintenance

    Messed up a Variable.
    Sorry for the inconvenience
  4. Minor Update

    V2.2 is out ! (minor Update)

    -Small Barracks fix.
    Now the +25% bonus experience will also apply for samurai despite of their new promotion tree. (if you find any other issue like this one in the game, don't hesitate to poke me about it).

    -Even better Colors on promotion tree icons (more color profoundness). And to prepare these icons for my next incoming mod.

    -Small graphic fixes.
  5. Small change

    Texts for Akuma armors and Masamune blades in a promoted samurai fight's previsions has been changed to be more explicit.

    Sorry for the small inconvenience if you already downloaded v2.0 today.
  6. 2.0

    2.0 Version is out !

    Graphics :

    - New awesome handmade icons in promotion tree !
    - New Samurai portrait !
    - New Samurai icons !

    Code :

    - Samurai is not replacing any other unit.
    - NERF 1 : Samurai can't be upgraded into musketman or any other more advanced unit.
    - NERF 2 : Samurai can't be upgraded from swordman or any other older unit.

    Compatibility :

    - With "Steel and thunder : Unit expansion", you need to desactivate a specific line to prevent samurai being replacing the...