Version 3.3
- Fixed: Square Rigging no longer hanging, it is a prereq for Steam Power.
- Changed: To balance the above extra connection, one was also added to Sanitation and Economics.
- Changed: An additional connection for Military Engineering, Metal Casting, and Siege Tactics. This makes slightly harder to progress via a domination path and allows a bit more time for others to up their defenses.
Version 3.2
- Fixed: (GS only) Mass Production is no longer a leaf - restored the vanilla connection to Industrialization.
Version 3.1
- Updated for June 2019 Patch: Adjustments to Stirrups and Chemistry.
- Changed: The AffectsSavedGames flag is now set to 1 to better support MP games.
Version 3.0
- Updated for Gathering Storm.
- Removed new placement for Tier1 governments due to an issue with missing Diplo policies when going first for Classical Republic.
Version 2.4
- Civics Tree has additional dependencies to limit beelining a bit more and achieve better balance.
- Added an optional placement for some governments (see screenshot). This is disabled by default.
Version 2.3 Updated for Fall 2017 Patch
Version 2.2 Barbarians get free techs again (vanilla game situation)
Minor change: brought back Ballistics as prereq for Rifling - needed for Information Era techs to include Ballistics.
Includes changes to Civic Tree (12 additional dependencies added).
Updated for Summer 2017 patch
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