1. Brixter

    Babylon nerf

    It annoys me that the world era moves too fast and that the barbarians are way advanced when Babylon is in the game. This mod tones them down. Features: 1. Babylon's Eureka only gives 89% of the technology's cost. Instead of automatically unlocking a technology, they still have to reasearch...
  2. F

    Eureka no happening

    I am playing Civ6 with all packs. I was playing with Portugal, going for a diplomacy/trade game and I got a request to boost masonry early game. But I did not have ressource to improve. So I got the idea to send a builder to an allied city state to improve its stone and get the Eureka. Turns...
  3. megabearsfan

    [NFP] A General Strategy for Hammurabi of Babylon

    While posting a link to my Vietnam guide, I realize that I had apparently neglected to post a link to my Babylon guide from back in December. Oops. Better late than never, so here is a link to a full guide that I had written for Hammurabi of Babylon...
  4. nzcamel

    [NFP] [] Gran Columbia getting 50% boosts in research trees

    Is it just my eyes, or is GC getting a 50% boost to eureka's and inspirations?
  5. Infixo

    Better Tech Tree (UI) 3.2

    New version 3.2 as of 29.11 - Compatibility with CQUI. Description Shows more info in Tech and Civics Trees. Adds ~100 new unique icons for: - Eureka boosts (*) - tech icon in a bluish circle, - Inspiration boosts (*) - civic icon in a pinkish circle, - Resource harvests - resource icon in a...
  6. UncivilizedGuy

    Immersive Eras + Realistic Research V. 1.01

    Immersive Eras + Realistic Research This is a combination of both Immersive Eras and Realistic Research. This is both mods in their entirety. There is no need to load the two original mods. Immersive Eras Complete most Techs and Civics in each Era in order to progress to the next. Both the...
  7. M

    Writing boost triggering upon defeat of unknown player

    In the very early game, if you haven't triggered the boost to Writing already (so you haven't met another civilisation), and an unknown AI player is defeated it triggers the Eureka for Writing. My scenario is: Fractal map type Epic speed Playing as Saladin/Arabia Turn 60 No Eureka for Writing...
  8. Infixo

    Real Eurekas 5.0

    New version 5.0 as of 17.06 - New Frontier Pass update. Make Eurekas a real surprise! There are 500+ new ones and they are randomly assigned to Techs and Civics. Each game will look different from now on. Compatibility - The mod works with vanilla game, Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm. -...
  9. Infixo

    Research and science vs. historical accuracy

    [It’s a really long one] What's this about? In my first Civ6 game I got so surprised that I've finished entire Tech Tree somewhere around 19th century. And I wasn't even trying. In my 2nd game I progressed even faster, getting units waaaay too early. For me it totally breaks immersion and takes...
  10. Infixo

    Real Tech Tree 3.3

    New version 3.3 as of 14.06 - Fixed Square Rigging. This mod works with vanilla, Rise & Fall and Gathering Storm. Improved Tech and Civic Trees to be more historically accurate and logical. 1. I have added new connections to the Tech Tree to patch many omissions and to make it more logical...
  11. MyopicCat

    Research Reminder 1.0

    Current version: 1.0 Research Reminder is a simple quality-of-life mod that prevents you from wasting precious science and culture. It reminds you to switch research of unboosted techs and civics by popping up the Research or Civics side panels when you reach the halfway point (or 40% for...
  12. craney1987


    I'm not sure if anyone else has suggested this, or if it's workable, but what I would like to see is multiple Eureka's per tech. let's say maybe 3 or 4 for early techs and more for later techs. These would all have smaller weighting than the current Eureka's, but would seem more like we are...
  13. Alesque

    25% Eurekas and inspirations 0.2

    Features : - Reduces all eurekas and inspirations to 25%. - (Optional) You can change the value 25 if you want by editing the file EurekaAndInspirations25p.sql from this mod. Go to line 4 and change Boost='25' to Boost='10' if you want to try 10% for instance. Installation ...
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