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Religion Expanded, Shrunk 1.0

Adds in the religion number slider from Religion Expanded

  1. Trashperson
    I personally am a very vanilla-focused player, and only occasionally use mods that add content to the game. However, after playing around with p0khiel's Religion Expanded, I found myself enamored with the religion number slider, and could not bear to live without it. So I gutted the original mod of anything else and stuck it together with twine and chewing gum, to produce this distilled version.
    - Allows you to select the number of Great Prophets that can appear in the game at the setup screen (from 0 to 9)
    - Nothing else!
    - Compatible with YnAMP
    - Is of course incompatible with the full Religion Expanded mod, as well as More or Less Religions. I'll update here if any others are found.

    Many thanks to p0khiel for writing the original code!

    My other mods are Periphery, which alters City-states names for accuracy and immersion, and Tradition, which improves flavour by renaming many aspects of the game.