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Rhye's Catapult 2020-06-02

Rhye's and Fall for Civ5

  1. Rhye
    Rhye’s Catapult for Civ5 is the conversion of the mod of the same name for Civ4, which eventually was expanded and turned into the mod known as Rhye’s and Fall of Civilization (RFC), which was included in the Beyond the World official expansion.

    The goal of Catapult is to produce enjoyable experience in playing the Earth map, realising a kind of “Earth simulator”, as civilizations enter the game at different times rather than all at the beginning of the game. Each civilization that enters the game will find an alternative history, which is realistic but different every time. This mod will not turn Civ5 upside down with plenty of new additions of units and techs, but make a drastic change in the gameplay.