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[SDKMod] CivicsInfosPlus v1.1 for Warlords 2.08 2016-10-05

This is it guys. My very first attempt-EVER to modify C++ files. In this modcomponent, I have added extra flexibility to the CivicsInfos.xml file via the addition of new tags. These include:

Spoiler :

I have also added a <TradeCommerceModifier> and <NonStateReligionYieldRateModifier> tag to the file, but these are still not supported. Keep your eyes peeled for these improvements in future versions.
Anyway, I hope this mod proves useful to all you budding Scenario, modpack and modcomp modders out there-so please feel free to download and critique this mod.
Finally, please let me take a moment to thank TheLopez, Impaler, Gerikes and Kael for all their support and advice. Without them this mod wouldn't be here.

EDIT: New version released with Specialist Bug fixed. Any more problems, please contact me :).

EDIT: This version is compatible with the 2.08 patch for Warlords. However, due to conflict issues, AI city placement will be same as for Warlords 2.00.6. As soon as the conflict can be resolved, I will post a new update. My apologies and thankyou for your patience and support

EDIT: Version 1.1 is fully compatible with version 2.08. Apologies for the delay on this.

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