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SECOND FRONT REDUX by Captain Nemo converted for ToT v1.2

"SECOND FRONT” by Captain Nemo converted for Test of Time and ToTPP

  1. tootall_2012
    "SECOND FRONT” Redux by Captain Nemo converted for Test of Time and ToTPP

    “Second Front is a scenario about the Normandy invasion in World War II and the ensuing battle (June 6, 1944- August 22, 1944). It is played mostly on a tactical scale. The map represents only Normandy and Southern England and is a large size map, so the scale is approx. 1 mile per square.

    The time frame is also expansive, most of the scenario being played in 1-Day turns except for D-Day itself, which takes 10 turns to complete.

    The game is playable only as the Allies. The AI controls the German, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine Civilizations.”

    The original scenario can be found on the Scenario League Website here.


    The scenario has been made compatible to run on Test of Time and TheNamelessOne’s ToTPP (which includes the following features NoIncrementalRushBuy, NoStackKills, TerrainDefenseForAir, CityPopulationLossAttack, CityPopulationLossCapture and ProductionCarryOver).


    The scenario was originally designed to be played in Hot Seat mode with the human player controlling both the Allied and Allied Air Force civilizations. In this version the Allied civilizations have been combined into one power, thereby removing the need to play in Hot Seat mode and all its related inconveniences.

    As a consequence, some tweaking of the event files was required to reflect the modified power structure.

    In addition, it was found during play testing that TNO “NoStackKills” feature made the Allied conquest a little easier. As such, to re-establish play balance, some additional bunker type units where added to the German defenses.

    Otherwise, the scenario plays and remains exactly the same as the original.

    Mandatory House Rules:

    ONE. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to rebase any of your air units to captured French cities. They can ONLY operate from the AFB cities located in England.

    There is the following exception, as per the original design, the event file does provide for the creation of a few “Airbase” units during the game after you’ve captured specific cities. Once created, you are permitted to rebase and operate your air units from them.

    TWO. It is strictly FORBIDDEN for your air units to end their movement atop friendly ground or naval units. They may fly over such units but may NEVER end their turn in the same tile. It is equally FORBIDDEN for your ground units to use air units to bypass enemy zones of control.

    Failure to follow these house rules would have a significant impact on game play and would be considered as CHEATING from the original scenario design!


    Civilization 2: Test of Time 1.1
    ToTPP v0.131 (or higher) which can be found here.
    64 bit compatible Delevent.exe which is included in the ZIP file (is also available at this thread).

    IMPORTANT UPDATE V3 - Classic vs New versions

    It's now possible to select to play the scenario either in the newer version with ToTPP's No Stack Kills feature turned on and with extra German bunkers added to the map or in it's original form with ToTPP's No Stack Kills feature turned off and no extra German bunkers.

    To play the Newer version always use the SF.bat file to load your scenario files
    To play the Classic version always use the SF_Classic.bat file to load your scenario files


    Extract the archive into your main Test of Time folder


    1. SF_screen_A.png
    2. SF_screen_B.png
    3. SF_screen_C.png
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