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Terra Mirabilis v2.20

A mod that reworks Natural Wonders in Civilization VI, and adds 19 new ones that include some old fa

  1. jjro
    Version: v1.20b
    I really want to try the mod out but the download is extremely difficult to complete, it always stops after downloading a minor part. I wonder if you could upload the files to another stabler host than github, say google drive or dropbox. This issue exists for Terra Mirabilis, Steel and Thunder: Unit Expansion, and Steel and Thunder: Unique Units. By the way, I have no such issue when downloading github files from others.
  2. Freakin J Stu
    Freakin J Stu
    Version: v1.20b
    Love this mod - adds lots of strategic options. Maybe slightly unbalanced, but only because AI isn't smart enough to take advantage. Also, unlike other mods, only slightly unbalanced.
  3. qadams
    Version: v1.10
    I love seeking for and discovering natural wonders, so this mod is wonderful!