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Terra Mirabilis v2.20

A mod that reworks Natural Wonders in Civilization VI, and adds 19 new ones that include some old fa

  1. v2.20 Update

    * Updated NaturalWonderGenerator.lua for Sep 2019 Update.
    * Updated UnitPanel override for Sep 2019 Update.
    * Removed Krakatoa from Named Volcanoes.
    * Remove Natural Disaster popup lua as no longer required.
    * Updated Portuguese and Russian Translations.
  2. v2.10 Update

    * Fix botched override for resolving the Builder lag issue.
    * Added Colorized Historic Moments if that mod is active.
    * Added Korean, HK, Russian, Japanese and Portuguese translations.
  3. v2.09 Update

    * Updated for Antarctic Late Summer patch.
  4. v2.08 Update

    ~ Override GetUnitActionsTable in UnitPanel.lua to eliminate Builder lag.

    This change eliminates the Builder lag but will mean there is less information in the Builder actions panel and may have other consequences. The lag was caused by the fact that the UnitManager.CanStartCommand for the Build Improvement action with exclusion test set to true reloads all Requirements and Requirement Sets everytime you select a Builder unit. Hopefully Firaxis will fix this or make it much more...
  5. v2.07 Update

    ~ Updated Chinese translation (Thank you @boynextdoor)
    ~ Fix for Vanilla loading issue
    ~ Un-hardcoded disaster reveal movies (Krakatoa would never play a reveal movie with the hacky hardcoding Firaxis had set up)
  6. v2.06 Update


    * Changed wonder bonuses of those causing CTDs
  7. v2.03 Update

    ~ Added triggers for resource mods with higher load orders

    v2.02 Gathering Storm update


    ~ Krakatoa is now an active volcano in Gathering Storm (no longer available without the expansion)

    ~ New wonders from Gathering Storm have been given ownership effects.

    ~ Given that natural wonders receive ownership bonuses anyway, volcanic natural wonders no longer provide +2 Yields on adjacent tiles. Given that their yields stack with each eruption, Kilimanjaro,...
  8. v1.20b Update

    ~ Adds 4 new Natural Wonders: Mosi-oa-Tunya (Victoria Falls), Vredefort Dome, Namib Sand Sea and the Lakes of Ounianga - check Civilopedia for the effects.
    ~ Barringer Crater can now appear on Desert tiles.

  9. v1.15 Update

    v1.11 (included)

    ~ Introduced translation-ready localisation files.
    ~ Sinai hotfix
    ~ Added a user setting to change EraScore pertaining to NWs.

    ~ Minor localisation fix.


    ~ Japanese translation (Huge thank you to @Sub6 for this)
    ~ Minor rebalances.


    ~ Added Chinese translation (Thank you @boynextdoor)
    ~ Added Spanish translation (Thank you @SeelingCat and @Ari)
  10. v1.10 Update

    v1.08 (included)
    Enhanced support for YNAMP. Natural Wonders now appear more frequently in the 3 largest map sizes in-line with other map sizes, and users may customise this in the user settings.

    Includes 'shielding' for Lake Victoria so that it retains its colour and plays nicely with Pok's fantastic new Vibrant Waters mod.

    v1.09 (included)
    Optimised project structure and removed redundant components to reduce file size. The mod is now over 100MB lighter.

    Various minor fixes in...