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Tidy Tech Tree for Vox Populi 1.6

Makes (almost) every item unlocked by any Technology visible at a glance.

  1. v 1.6

    Updated to match latest VP (1-11)
    Small Impact changes:
    • Computers cleanup - move additional Trade Route to Telecommunications
    • Penicillin - move fallout damage reduction promotion to Atomic Theory
    • Rocketry - move academy buff to Alternative Energy
    • Internet - move embassy buff to Telecommunications
    Medium impact:
    • Alternative Energy cleanup - Move Hubble to Stealth.
    • Biology cleanup - moved faster forest, jungle and marsh removal to Steam Power, from...
  2. 1.5.1 Hotfix

  3. Tidy Tech Tree for VP v1.5

    v1.5 is live!
    • Updated name to display correctly in-game
    • Some clean-ups here and there
    • Biology clean-up: moved faster forest and jungle clearing to iron working (this is classified under medium impact changes)
  4. TTT V1.4

    --Updated name - no longer has the (7) part,
    --Compatibility with the Taj Mahal/the Red Fort swap for the Fealty finisher.
    --(Now Taj is unlocked @ Architecture again, but the Red Fort has no tech prereq; production costs adjusted appropriately)
    --Moved +1 production boost to Quarries from Metallurgy to Architecture
    --Reverted the gold/production boosts to Lumbermills/Jungle Lumbermills back from Architecture to Metallurgy (as per VP)
    --Fix for Lumbermills/Jungle Lumbermills yields (as per...
  5. TTT V1.3

    • Removed Resource Revealing Rework compatibility file - is now compatible out of the box, no additional hassle.
    • Reverted Roads back to Wheel.
    • The first caravan is now available at Pottery (instead of Wheel like before).