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Tomatekh's Timurids for VP - 4UC compatible 9

Adds Tomatekh's Timurids, led by Timur, for Vox Populi

  1. UA rework - Yields only from Razing

    UA reworked ==> +1 to all yields in Capital whenever a city you are razing loses 1 population or is destroyed. Cancelling razing disables the yields from losing population
    Farsakh Cannon ==> RCS reduced to 40 (was 42)
    Deh ==> 10% land trade route distance per Deh worked removed (high computational burden, and was too subtle a benefit. Could actually hurt you as often as it helped)
  2. Macedon compatibility patch

    attempt to resolve Macedon compatibility issue
  3. VP 03-17 compatibility

    Update posted:
    VP 03-17 compatibility
    Enlightenment Era compatibility
  4. removed floating point from version number

    removed floating point from version number.
    No other changes
  5. UA fix

    disabled UA from stealing tradition policy buildings
  6. minor bug fix

    minor bug fixes
  7. small balance and compatibility update

    updated Deh policy upgrades. Rationalism policy bonus to Villages was moved.
    removed tech unlocks for the 3 Registan Madrasahs
  8. oops

    uploaded wrong resource
  9. UA buff

    Added UA scaling.
    Increased Farsakh Cannon to 42.
  10. text fix

    minor text fix in UA