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Xenoblade Chronicles Civilization 1.5

A Civilization based of the game Xenoblade Chronicles

  1. Mav12
    This mod adds a civilization based of Xenoblade Chronicles. (Spoilers for it, duh!)
    Civ Ability: All melee class units receive a 5 (NOT 10) strength adjacency bonus, when next to a unit of the same type.
    Leader: Shulk, Ability: Receive Science boost equal to 40% of enemies health when defeating a unit.
    UB: Ether Mine - an Industrial Zone building that provides Science aswell as production
    UU: Mechon - a more movement and no uranium variant of the Modern Armor unit

    NOTE: As with all new civs released, their is no custom art in any form aside from civ color as Firaxis has yet to release the modding tools.

    Special thanks to Rob (R8XFT) for the Punt Civilization which was used as a base

    I also have a civ 5 version on the steam workshop and this website
    20161030110627_1.jpg 20161030105607_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Reduced Combat bomus from +10 to +5