YnAMP - Yet (not) Another Maps Pack Civ6

A compilation of maps and script with culturally linked start location or TSL

  1. Beta 6.3 - Rise and Fall

    - add TSL for the new Civilizations from Rise&Fall thanks to tomaltachpaulson
    - include Dieter VonClam's Large Europe (79x73) to YnAMP base mod, thanks to tomaltachpaulson for the TSL
    - add missing Strategic resources when loading a map using the resource generator code (fix missing Niter on maps directly imported from civ5)
    - convert Gold to Silver when importing a Civ5 map
    - enable all YnAMP base maps for R&F
    - re-use the game's starting plots placement when not using TSL
    - add ethnicity entries for DLC Civilizations (used for culturally linked start position)
    - add Reef placement on maps (use "Map Generator" option for "Features Placement" to allow spawning on Earth maps)
    - add code to use alternate TSL when the initial TSL is on a water or Impassable plot (fix Khmer TSL with Sukritact's Tonlé Sap)
    - reactivate and fix Terra Map start position code (fix "old world" start location option)
    - set "Continent" as the default script for West Europa on the Terra Map (was "Small Continents")
    - bug fix : test relative position from other TSL, but not the plot itself when using the Terra Map with TSL, because the DB coordinates are not converted to the current map size coordinates and a plot can be nil.
    - add R&F Natural Wonders positions by Yakuzi on the Giant Earth Map
    - add Japanese translation by Sub6
    - bugfix : try to remove incorrect features and resources when the Terra Map script changes terrains around Natural Wonders
    - bugfix : make sure that there is at least one backup starting position for a Civilization when using the Terra Map script, even if it's a bad one
    - R&F fix: override the Advanced Setup Screen to make sure the game doesn't try to start with more than 62 players (Civilizations + City States) as Free Cities use the #63 slot
    - bugfix: now use higher mountainRatio values (which give less mountains)

    * North America City Name Update (thanks to Moda)

    - Adds indigenous city names to almost all North American tiles
    - Some entirely new cities added, and some old ones moved
    - Altered the starting location of Cree and Palenque to reflect the above city name changes
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