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YnAMP - Yet (not) Another Maps Pack Civ6

A compilation of maps and script with culturally linked start location or TSL

  1. Beta .3

    • Add brick623 Scandinavia city map for Giant
    • Add brick623 Russia and Ukraine city map for Giant Earth
    • Add brick623 Middle East city map for Giant Earth
    • Add Moda and...
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  2. version Beta .2

    • compatibility fix with Australian Summer Patch
    • add city map for South East Asia City Map on Giant Earth (guidemwit)
    • add city map for Caucasus, Middle East (North), and Anatolia & Cyprus on Play Europe Again (tomaltachpaulson)
    • add city map for Sub-Equatorial Africa on Giant Earth (tomaltachpaulson)
    • add Brazilian...
  3. Beta .1

    WARNING : this version will break games saved with previous version, finish any previous game before updating.

    Beta .1 changelog
    • add tomaltachpaulson Australia city map for the Giant Earth Map (GEM)
    • add Giant Causeway, Eyjafjallajokull and Lysefjorden natural wonders to all base maps
    • set ethnicity for DLC City States
    • tweak eastern Australia and New Zealand on GEM...
  4. Alpha .16 - hotfix

    • add brick623 Germany and Italy city map on Giant Earth
    • bugfix : prevent possible freeze during first turn when "Enforce TSL" is ON and a Start Position does not allows city placement
    • bugfix : do not enforce TSL on human player when the option is set to A.I.
    • fix Ulundi and Reykjavik position on Giant Earth for More CS for the World
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  5. Alpha .15

    • add compatibility mod for Poland DLC (fix rulesets)
    • add brick623 Turkey and Middle East city map on Play Europe Again
    • add guidemwit city map for China on Giant Earth
    • add brick623 Britain, Ireland and Iceland city map on Giant Earth
    • add...
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  6. Alpha .14

    • add Poland TSL on all map
    • add guidemwit city map for Africa on Play Europe Again
    • add guidemwit city map for Japan and Korea on Giant Earth
    • add brick623 Ukraine-Caspian city map on Play Europe Again
    • add a "no city states" option for all map
    • updated Simplified...
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  7. Alpha .13

    • add option on all map scripts (including scripts from external mod as long as AssignStartignPlot.Lua is not overridden) to prevent placement on ice adjacent to land, this should allow circumnavigation in most cases.
    • add check to try to prevent duplicate names for city renaming
    • added brick623 city map for Russia (central) on Play Europe Again
    • added...
  8. Alpha .12

    • added tomaltachpaulson rework on Italy city map and some new civilizations specific city maps for Play Europe Again
    • fix : make sure to use a civ-specific city name even if the first loop had returned a default name at minimal distance.
    • fix : correction to citymap.xml
    • added faster borders expansion at each key civics (the one giving a new government) in the "large scale" ruleset.
    • added...
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  9. Alpha .11

    Alpha .11 update is finally here !
    warning : may not be save compatible.

    • Add code for City Maps (real naming of cities for their location), working for the player only
    • Add City Map for France, Italy (incl. Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica), Iberia, British isles (incl. Faroe and Ireland), Germany (+ Benelux & Helvetia), Scandinavia on Play Europe Again thanks to rock_and_ride
    • Add...
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  10. Alpha .10

    • add the "Largest Earth" map of ludicrous size (230x116) with TSL and Cliffs
    • add cliffs to the Greatest Earth Map thanks to Hormigas
    • add option to use more random placement on imported maps (rivers, natural wonders)
    • add option for stone for Stonehenge, marsh for Mt St Michel and closed Bosphorus (Giant Earth only for testing ATM)
    • can launch an empty map with only terrains in the WB (independent options for rivers, features, natural wonders or resources)
    • re-order the...
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