1. G

    Joseph Paxton

    I just got Joseph Paxton, Great Engineer (Civ 6). His active ability is to provide +1 Amenity within an Entertainment District for each "regional building." I transferred him to Paris (playing as France) and activated him within the Entertainment Complex which has several buildings. Nothing...
  2. B

    Trading luxury resources

    Hello, I have some questions regarding trade, luxuries and amenities - 1 luxury = 1 amenities for 4 cities. But which one ? if I have five cities for instance ? Does it go to the city with the lowest amenities ? Or the closest to its limit ? - imported luxury: how can I know which citiy will...
  3. Q

    not getting amenity bonus with +8 amenities

    [] (229505) [Gathering Storm] In the turn 256 uploaded save, I expected expected Pisac to finish a seaport in 3 turns: 440-271=169 remaining production, 169/3 = 56.3 needed per turn. Pisac's production: 26 worked tiles + 4 from two outgoing trade routes + 4 shipyard + 8 factory + 6...
  4. G

    [GS] Giving Amenities and Housing per n forest tiles.

    Making a nomadic forest civ, and i was really hoping to do something for the civ UA like: I've got other parts of the UA to balance it out, but those work fine. It's getting the above to work that i'm having an issue with. So I've narrowed the root cause (probably not the only root cause...
  5. Alex Pella

    [NFP] Vassals in Civilization & More suggestions

    Greetings, all! I, and quite a few people from another Civ community came up with a few ideas they would like to see in either the current game, or future game that we hope the Devs would take into consideration, Vassals. Yes we have suzerainty, but competing for a city state by having more...
  6. hhhhhh

    [NFP] Has amenity become even more irrelevant after the update?

    I thought the update will make amenities more important, but hear me out. Before the update if you settle x cities and keep population at 10. You need 4x amenities to keep your people content (no bonus, no penalty either). But if you happen to have 5x amenities, you can make your people happy...
  7. Bactrian

    [GS] Loyalty tweaks and missed opportunities

    Inspired by my current domination game as Norway on a Huge Archipelago map. I think like a fair number on these forums (judging from my silent lurking over the years), I find the loyalty mechanic to be fundamentally un-fun when playing a domination game. I normally get frustrated and just start...
  8. Caprikel

    A way to get Housing at the cost of Amenities

    As things currently are, housing is basically a limited resource that can only be gained from certain buildings, and can only become plentiful once neighborhoods come into play. My idea is that there should be a building project that adds more housing in the city center that not only costs a...
  9. Sir Albert Einstein

    Civ 6 playability improvements

    There are a few things that I think would help make playing easier and more fun. 1. Highlight available ruins and shipricks when selecting your archaeologist (just like the way great people and their associated structures works) 2. Make figuring out where you can build National Parks...
  10. Victoria

    Civ VI Amenities and Happiness Guide

  11. Bizrock

    What is the problem with Brazil (Pedro II) and how to fix it?

    I played Brazil three times and in the paper, his bonuses seem really good and useful. Rainforest tiles provide a +1 adjacency bonus for Campuses, Commercial Hubs, Holy Sites, and Theater Squares is really great, you can make theater squares with 6 culture, which is very hard. Recruiting or...
  12. H

    Rebels out of control after a war

    Once I start getting rebels after a war, and they destroy all my amenities, they just continually keep on coming. How do I stop them when I now have no money to support any weapons to kill them, and I can't build more amenities as they keep pillaging everything?
  13. Chrisy15

    C15's TopPanel Extension 1.0

    UI Mod which provides data on average Housing and Amenities throughout your Empire. Replaces TopPanel.lua and TopPanel.xml, making it incompatible with other mods that do as such. Steam link:
  14. SirWill90

    Amenities from Zanzibar

    I have two cities. One, Aachen, has the evil red pavilion displayed, and shows -1 Amenity. I noticed this, then sent 6 envoys to Zanzibar, which supposedly supplies me with 6 Amenities each from Cinnamon and Cloves. Next turn and Aachen is receiving no benefit from these Amenities (still at -1.)...
  15. Narvana

    Is there any way to get rid of housing and amenities mechanics?

    I understand that they exist for the sake of balance, but they are such a fun kill for me... I found some values concerning housing and amenities in Buildings.xml and Happinesses.xml, but I'm not sure how to edit them properly. EDIT. Ok, so I edited values in GlobalParameters.xml <Row...
  16. rjg85

    Rebels of other Civs targeting me rather than their oppressors

    Anyone else find this? Other Civs and city states seem so bad at keeping their amenities in check that rebels spawn quite often. But instead of attacking the power they are rebelling against, they seem to prefer to march straight into my lands and attack me. I never thought to station any...
  17. bergrar

    domination victory on big and giant maps...

    Hi All I have played a game at emperor level on giant map, epic speed and i noticed that the game is totally unbalanced with the amenities and management. Is possible to win and i did, but the game becomes boring and without fun, and you have to fight rebellions every turn, even in cities with...
  18. Iron Angel

    Amenity Guide

    Amenities is the new happiness factor in Civilization VI. Use the quick-links in the contents table below to jump to the topic that interests you. This guide will be continuously updated whenever needed. Contents: What does 'Amenity' mean? Got it. But how do I get amenities in Civilization VI...
  19. Iron Angel

    [Vanilla] Amenity Guide

    Iron Angel submitted a new resource: Amenity Guide - Amenity Guide Read more about this resource...
  20. B

    Do extra luxury copies help additional cities?

    This has been a point of question for a while - if you have two copies of a luxury, and eight cities - are all 8 cities getting amenities from that luxury or just 4? I thought people were saying 8 but the manual says: "Only one source of a specific luxury provides amenities, shared with the...
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