Do you want vassals in the game?

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Alex Pella

Oct 23, 2021
Greetings, all! I, and quite a few people from another Civ community came up with a few ideas they would like to see in either the current game, or future game that we hope the Devs would take into consideration, Vassals.

Yes we have suzerainty, but competing for a city state by having more numbers? Really? Wow, such fun! So the idea was, when you defeat a Civ leader you have the choice of Killing them, or keeping them as your vassal for great boost rewards. You could give them land the same as you would with governors.


Alexander: Would become a great General. For every city you take that has a Campus, or Theater Square you get Tech, and Civic boosts.

Hammurabi: Gives Eurekas

Peter: Gives Great person points

Is there a catch?

Great rewards, with a great cost! The vassals could risk an uprising, by emitting large disloyalty points in the city you gave them. There is a greater risk a Rebellion will happen lead by the former leader, especially in a dark age. The best way to keep this from happening is to keep your cities happy, and loyal. Using Spies are also an option, in attempt to see what your new, “loyal” vassal is up to, and help reverse the decaying loyalty.

Will a defeated player still be able to play?

Yes! The Vassal can only control the plot of land that was given to them by the leader like a puppet, meaning the victorious leader can’t control the vassal’s land. The vassaI can plan a rebellion, while generating disloyalty. They can create their own units, build walls, and when ready they can raise a rebellion.

What happens during the rebellion?

When a rebellion is launched, massive amounts of disloyalty will be generated, all surrounding cities will be affected, the units created will defend the governed city. If the ruling player can’t subdue, and siege the city that’s Governed by your vassal successfully, before disloyalty takes over more cities, it would cause a domino effect of disloyal cities flipping. This is also a great way to get back into the competitive game, and a fun way to play in multiplayer.

What happens when you subdue the puppet city?

When the ruling player subdues the vassal you would again have the choice in what to do with the rebellious vassal; Execute (The vassal would be removed from the game), imprison (You would still get the boosts, but it would halved), or pardon (Rebellion would not be available for 30 turns, during this time increasing military power, giving the city more amenities, and sending spies can greatly lessen the chance another Rebellion happening again. In multiplayer the vassal will have the choice of retiring or keep playing.

I hope you all like the idea, I feel it would add more interesting things to the game. But if not in Civ 6, future games to come.
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