1. DarkLunaPhantom

    [ModMod] Kek-Mod

    I plan to fix some bugs I encountered and make some additional changes so I'll post them here in case there's anyone interested. To apply changes simply paste extracted content to the K-Mod (v1.46) folder and replace all files when asked. Included dll supports 48 civilizations. Current...
  2. B

    [BTS] Barbarian horde moves through without attacking?

    I saw a horde of barbarians move through my territory without attacking or destroying improvements, I'm playing on vanilla and I've never seen anything like this before (and I've played civ 4 for a long time), does anyone know why it happened?
  3. Brixter

    Recon get Science from kills with Survey policy

    Recon can now gather intelligence with the Survey policy. This will entice players to use Survey instead of Discipline. Features: 1. Survey lets Recon units get Science from unit kills equal to 50% of their opponent's melee strength. 2. Survey also gives Recon units +5 CS when fighting...
  4. Brixter

    Upgrade Barbarian Cavalry

    Allows you to upgrade barbarian cavalry when you obtain them using Unifier Qin, Genghis Khan, Boudica, Heathen Conversion apostles and Barbarian Clans mode. Features: 1. Upgrade Barbarian Horseman to Horseman. 2. Upgrade Barbarian Horse Archer to Archer.
  5. L

    Less Advanced Barbarians 2022-08-23

    This is a mod that sets barbarians back an era, roughly. I couldn't find a way to reduce barbarian technology through the database, so I was forced to rely on lua to kill barbarians and replace them with less advanced units. So for example, if the game tries to spawn a barbarian Man-At-Arms, my...
  6. L

    [GS] Less Advanced Barbarians

    This is a mod that sets barbarians back an era, roughly. I couldn't find a way to reduce barbarian technology through the database, so I was forced to rely on lua to kill barbarians and replace them with less advanced units. So for example, if the game tries to spawn a barbarian Man-At-Arms, my...
  7. BackseatTyrant

    Okay, but seriously, what exactly IS a civilization?

    More precisely, where does one civilization end and another begin? I'm certain pretty much everyone here have at some point had a heated debate about this, including yours truly, but never in a thread specifically about this subject, which is why I'm creating one. I could start off by listing...
  8. ThesaurusRex

    [C3C] Allowing barbarians to enslave units

    Coming back to this game I'm honestly impressed by the level at which people have utterly modified parts of the game I was positive were irreversibly hard-coded. How exactly it's done is over my head at the moment, but it's brought back something I've wanted to make possible for a while: what...
  9. Civilization 1 Bonus Ep - How to play as Barbarians

    Civilization 1 Bonus Ep - How to play as Barbarians

    This bonus video shows you how to play as the normally unplayable Barbarians 8th Civilization slot via hacks and cheats in Sid Meier's Civilization 1. See forum thread for more info here:
  10. A

    [GS] What syntax to prevent barbarians from spawning units like GDR?

    I remember an incident that happened in the early days of GS. At that time, thanks to some civilizations with technological deformities, barbarians spawned GDRs and then wiped out civilizations. I really liked this gimmick. It reminded me of Machine Rebellion and Rogue AI. However, in the...
  11. Hinin

    (concept) What could we do for our beloved Barbarians ?

    Hello everyone, After some discussions, I would like to use this thread to talk about ideas I have for barbarians : how they work now, what role do they play in a game, what we could do to make them more interesting, and some more wonky concepts. I think this thread can work as a gathering hub...
  12. B

    [C3C] Hunting down the Barbarian NW/SE axis bug

    Inspired by the great work that Flintlock has done with his C3X patch, I became intrigued with just how he manages to do this. I'm also really irritated by the barbarian NW/SE axis bug. I thought I might try to investigate this particular bug as a learning exercise. Whether or not I manage to...
  13. Bruiser1

    modding combat experience gain vs. barbarians

    Hi Civ4 Fanatics, I am an old and big fan of civ4 and looking for some modding help. Playing bts. I would like to change a game mechanism. For killing barbarians or animals one doens't get any points on the combat experience counter in the military advisor screen. I would love to change...
  14. Blake00

    Attila's Conquest I - Play As Barbarians Scenario (CivDOS & CivWin) 1.0

    About: @Blake00 's new play as the 8th Barbarian faction slot versus the regular 7 Civs Scenario. Zip contents: CIVIL0.MAP - Barbarian CivDOS save file CIVIL0.SVE - Barbarian CivDOS save file CIVIL1.MAP - Roman CivDOS save file (Pre-Barb cheat compatible with JCivED) CIVIL1.SVE - Roman CivDOS...
  15. Blake00

    Attila's Conquest I - Play As Barbarians Civilization 1 Scenario (CivDOS & CivWin)

    It's the 30th anniversary of Sid Meier's Civilization 1 this month so I thought I'd finally release my Attila's Conquest 1 – Play As Barbarians Scenario for both CivDOS & CivWin. This scenario is the first in a series where I attempt to play as the 8th Barbarian slot in each Civ game via hacks...
  16. E

    [] AI units clear Barbarian Camp my unit is standing in

    Barbarian Clans mode, seen in several different games. Usually while farming/camping a barb camp, having a unit fortified and healing inside the camp and waiting to raid and/or clear said camp. The AI comes up with one or more units, moves on top of my unit, clears the camp and bounces back...
  17. megabearsfan

    PolyCast episode 379: Everybody In The Pool

    The three hundred-and-seventy-ninth episode of PolyCast, “Everybody In The Pool“ is now available for streaming on This episode features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, and Jason “MegaBearsFan”. Topics for this episode include: News - 00h01m35s |...
  18. B

    [NFP] Console advanced features

    Do consoles (I'm specifically on Xbox X) not get some of the advanced features that are on computers? Specifically, with this new Barbarian Clans update I was watching part of a developer livestream that said you could make a game with no starting city states and let the barbarians develop into...
  19. Maat

    Barbarians aarrgh

    I’m hoping in the next civ game, barbarians will be playable. You start off as neutral barbarian village and you are defined as a civilisation after you raid and take a civilisation city and become a barabarian city state you can trade I think will be kool. What do you think and what are your...
  20. GarryLLC

    Barb camps

    I know it's technically not a bug, but I put it here instead of "ideas and suggestions", because feel like that one is more about ways on how to make certain parts of a game even better, while this is about fixing the bad stuff. Forum design is that way for a purpose. Thread moved to Ideas &...
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