1. CGQ

    [BTS] I did it! I won my first Immortal Game!!!

    I finally did it! Today I finally won a game on Immortal! How did I do it?
  2. Louis the XIV

    [BTS] Meso America 2.0

    You probably know the Meso America mod in civ 4 BTS. Well this is that but much Better! Spain is not a minor civ anymore and you can Play with them. Wonders names make more sense. Explorers can attack and have a power combat of 6. I know that it's not historically correct that the Spanish start...
  3. CGQ

    [BTS] Help on Winning Immortal Joao II Game: 4/6 Civs Vassaled

    I decided to take a little break from the shadow game and play my own Immortal game for fun, this time with Joao II of Portugal. I think my improvements from the last two games are showing now, since I started a Cuir rush at 900 BC (the earliest I ever started one!). I had a lot of nice land too...
  4. Louis the XIV

    The Middle Ages MOD+SCENARIO!

    This is my First Mod for BTS CIV 4. Hope you like it! What is Happening: The Mongol Invasions, The Crusades, The Viking Plunders, The Reconquista, Unification of England, Seljuk Turk attacks, Bulgarian invasions, and many more! PLAYABLE CIVS: Every Civ is Playable. CIVS: BARBARIANS: I put at...
  5. CGQ

    [BTS] My First Immortal Game with Hannibal

    I want to really learn and be challenged so I decided to finish my last emperor game (details in my previous thread) and start this one! Now I'm curious what I'm getting myself into. What's the difference between emperor and immortal? Is this where the AI gets a free worker at the start? Is it...
  6. CGQ

    [BTS] Any way to restart after losing my initial 4000 BC save?

    I had an amazing start on a monarch map but I made a mistake where I settled my city initially. I have a 4000 BC save but I only saved it after I settled the city. :crazyeye: Is there any way to reset the save file back to the very first turn? I attached the save file in question, as you see...
  7. OKSleeper

    More magic

    Fall From Heaven II and its modmods are awesome, essentially doubling the game's depth. Would request another grand scale total conversion mod featuring the spells, potions etc. Perhaps a big Harry Potter version as a group project?
  8. Jellybug

    Border Tension questions

    Hi all, Will settling this city on the coast cause tensions with Napster? If I understand the land target thing correctly, the answer is no, but I'm not sure. Save is attached (I use BUG). -J Edit: pardon the plural in the thread title. I haz only one questionz
  9. Bagdemagus

    [BTS] Anyone making Civ4 Units with Blender?

    Any help would be incredibly welcome. I haven't played Civ 4 since 2015 and I love this game. In the past I made units using Nifscope, Is anyone still making units on Blender for this version (Civ4) and if so has anyone got any pointers? Better still has anyone got Blender with nif files...
  10. S

    How can I shader non-shadered leaderheads?

    I've already tried this method: But it turned out, it brought weird texture crashes on leaderheads, like the attached picture. Does anybody know how to do it? Moved to the Creation and...
  11. CGQ

    [BTS] My First Emperor Win!! I Did it! Read Game Review Here

    I did it!! I won on emperor!! I remember winning on monarch and after trying several games I finally won!!! I feel like I've been getting much better at this game since I started in the summer! I think the map was the best one I ever played, lots of gold and a lot of great food really helped...
  12. CGQ

    [BTS] Emperor Shadow Game With Zara Yaqob Ethiopia

    My second attempt at a shadow game, help me get my first win on emperor!
  13. CGQ

    [BTS] [Monarch Game] 1070 AD: What Should I do Next?

    I've been playing monarch difficulty games for the past couple months and lurking on here after doing a shadow game (I walked away for a bit from that game but I'll get back to it again). I had multiple victories, mostly space race victories around late 1800s to 1900s. My best victory was a...
  14. Knightfall

    [BTS] Boxed-In By AI

    Every time I play this game, I wind up getting "boxed-in" by the AI by the end of the Classical Age. By this, I mean that I can't settle more cities because I've gotten completely surrounded by AI civs, so my only alternatives are to either attack them and take their cities, which is a problem...
  15. MoltenMan

    [BTS] Israel (Not Modular)

    Makes the new Israel civilization (for Civ4 BTS): Leaders: Moses (Protective and Spiritual) Special Unit: Slinger, replaces Archer, +50% Towards Melee Special Building: Kir, replaces Wall, increased chance of a Great Engineer Installs just like any other mod. Special thanks to Wikipedia for...
  16. Phylhom

    [BTS] PBEM The New Times

    PBEM: THE NEW TIMES 1. First of all: I am not an English speaker, so, my domain of the language is limited. The text, probably, will present some errors. If you find any...
  17. BOndTriumph

    Civ IV BtS Multiplayer?

    Anyone know if I need to download the pitboss to play any version of Civ IV multiplayer? Does it still work? Any open games starting soon?
  18. J

    Doggerland/north sea

    Civ4 player bck 8 yrs or so. Question for you map exists or not. The bottom of the north sea raised about 200 feet. Does it exist? If so where? Issues exist with transfer files. Bug snafus fixes: crash out on road to war mod version store bought 3disc set. Terra 1ooo ad scenerio...
  19. D

    Modding Civ 4 (preferably bts) new civs, maps, mods

    Hi civ friends, my name is Mikhael. I want to customize Civ IV BTS and need some help. What i want: I want to play custom games not scenarios and i wand to add new civilizations to choose from and to play against/with. That means i want to make them available in the custom game setup screen...
  20. Gl0bal1st

    [BTS] [REQUEST] An (un)official patch that will allow a high-end Windows 10 gaming rig to run Civ 4: BTS

    CivFanatics, I humbly request that one or more of you so inclined take up the challenge of creating a patch for BTS that will allow a high-end Windows 10 gaming rig to run the game without issues. 2K have noted the problem and forwarded it to the development team, but I'm not holding my...
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