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  1. King Phaedron

    Linear Cities NEOM aka The Line

    A type of late game city. The main advantage being that you can make a new city without any regard for district limits due to population, and with less overall construction. I think it would work like this: 1. If you make any land district, you can't make a line district, and if you make a line...
  2. King Phaedron

    New Terrain Tiles - Highland Cliffs, Mountain Trail, Waterfall

    Civ Maps are Static and limited in the sense that all Flat Tiles are considered the same Elevation, but in the real world lands exist at different elevations above sea level regardless of whether it's flatland or hills. Cliffs can only be drawn on hills facing water, but in reality, there is...
  3. T

    How does 1UPT effect if you will buy Civ 7

    1UPT seems to elicit some very strong opinions. I'm interested in find out if the return of 1UPT in Civ 7 will have an effect on the number of people purchasing the game. Usual disclaimer that this forum represents a certain segment of the player base.
  4. G

    What should the Civ VII political system be like?

    0. Prelude Before I talk about the topic of this article and offer my potential suggestions, some clarifications and added context may help. Keep in mind I had an older account in this forum, so I am familiar with general opinions around here, or the opinions that were present a few years ago...
  5. CanusAlbinus

    PolyCast 417: Strategy Game Nostalgia

    The four-hundred-and-seventeenth episode of PolyCast, “Strategy Game Nostalgia“ is now available for streaming on This episode features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus. Stephanie “Makahlua”, Phil "TheMeInTeam", and Jason "MegaBearsFan". Topics for this episode include: Intro -...
  6. Lazy sweeper

    Why I am still here (10 years+) New ideas to share?

    I just received a new badge, I was just logging in to check about civ VII news... So it's more than 10 years that I got this avatar; actually I have been registered for more than 10 years, going to the old forum... :king: Anyway, I HOPE THERE WILL BE CRUSADERS fron CIV VII Vanilla!!! AND Some...
  7. S

    Interesting podcast on "board game" versus "simulation" style strategy games

    I've just listened to an interesting podcast about the pros and cons of "board game" versus "simulation" style strategy games. One of the participants is Soren Johnson, the designer of Civ 4. There is a discussion about the Civ series starting around 1:05:00. One of the presenters makes quite...
  8. S

    Lead designer for Civ 7

    I've just being reading through the series of designer notes for Old World by Soren Johnson (also of course the lead designer of Civ 4). Most of them are linked on the side panel of his website ( I find them very insightful - although it's mainly about Old...
  9. Duke William of Normandy

    Petition for Christopher Tin and/or Geoff Knorr to appear as Great Musicians in Civ 7.

    Christopher Tin is an obvious choice because of his gorgeous composition Baba Yetu, which was actually the first-ever videogame music piece to be nominated for and win a Grammy. Geoff Knorr has provided much of an impact on the music of the Civilization series as well, being the LEad Composer...
  10. Duke William of Normandy

    What Music do you want as Civ Themes in Civ 7?

    The question is pretty straightforward, but I'll just explain it anyway. So basically, my question asks what particular music do you want to be in Civ 7 as a Civ theme. As an example, Hard Times Come Again No More is the Civ Theme for America in Civ 6. I'll be looking forward to your answers.
  11. Duke William of Normandy

    Which Civilizations would you like to see in Civ 6/7? 4: Back in Business

    I'm finally back, ladies and gentlemen. :D It's been so long, my goodness. Over the next month or so, I'll be posting more ideas here for either Civ 6, Civ 7, or both, and we can discuss them. Also, I'll be using the Civ 6 rules when making Civ ideas because... laziness. :p There will be an...
  12. Alex Pella

    [NFP] Vassals in Civilization & More suggestions

    Greetings, all! I, and quite a few people from another Civ community came up with a few ideas they would like to see in either the current game, or future game that we hope the Devs would take into consideration, Vassals. Yes we have suzerainty, but competing for a city state by having more...
  13. Saint Leibowitz

    The Turkish Thread

    Alright, you know the drill by now. In this thread we discuss and design a possible Turkish civ for Civ VII. I say "Turkish" specifically because my hope is that this can encompass more than the Ottomans and can include elements from the Seljuk or Kemalist eras. If Atatürk is a leader than he...
  14. Securion

    No cluttered Civ 7

    Building improvements (and districts, wonders, etc) usually made Civ 6 look terribly cluttered. I suggest you try to make improvements that blend in a bit more or dont be exactly the same all the time, like if you build five tree farms it dont show five carbon copies of a tree farm but instead...
  15. A

    Civ 7 leader idea

    Civilization : Greece Leader : Ioannis Kapodistrias Bio : He was a great leader with economic mind who created schools, universities, a military academy, introduced the potato in greece and also had a strong diplomatic stance. (Keep in mind that all the abilities the district and the unit...
  16. S

    Civ 7 Wishlist

    I’ve been playing since the original Civ, and I’ve beaten all of the games on the highest difficulty. Numerous times. With that out of the way, let’s get to the Wishlist for Civ 7. Improved Combat AI: At the top of the list for obvious reasons. Can’t count the number of times the AI has let...
  17. BuchiTaton

    Customizable districts and armies for CIV7

    For CIV 7 the hexagonal tiles have the potential to show one of many designated graphical variation for districts and armies based on the customized selection of 6 buildings by district and 6 units by army (all this based on the division of one hexagon on six triangles). So the idea is not to...
  18. Djospe

    Civ 7 - Less, less, less

    Dear Civ players, This is my first post ever on civfanatics, although I have been playing the series extensively since Civ 3 and although I'm a relativity good player (I beat deity in most games I play). I had to post this idea because I think that it could vastly improve the Civ gaming...
  19. Zegangani

    Hey! It's called "CIVILIZATION" not "LEADER"!!!

    The Civilization Games (I reffer here only to Civ 5 and Civ VI, because I don't know about the older Versions) are more Leader than Civilization based. I mean sure, all the Civilizations have their unique Traits, but the Gameplay is more based on Leader Traits and especially the Leader...
  20. AaronTBD

    Every Civ Is Here!

    I don't know how or if it would work, but I'm thinking, what if Firaxis pulled a Smash Ultimate and added all civs into Civ 7, like Assyria, Sumeria, Siam, Songhai, Mali, Kongo, Georgia, and even the Hittites were added back into civ. It might cost a lot of time and effort though, but could be a...
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