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Sep 9, 2006
Hello good people of CivFanatics. As a civ-fanatic myself, I have been following this forum for many years but not frequently in the recent years because in the recent years, instead of playing Civ related games... I was working on my own civ related game, The Settlements.

Well, I have been working on The Settlement for 2-3 years now and it's still very very far from being complete because I'm working on it as a one-man-army but... while working on it, I have been thinking about when I should start sharing it with the world, especially with the people here in CivFanatics. I am still not sure about if this is the good time to share but I think I won't be able to stop myself from this excitement of sharing what I have been working on for a long time so, here we go.

The Settlements is a mix of two game genres; a Turn-Based World mode (like Civ and Col) and a Real-Time Settlement (City) mode (like Settlers and Northgard). The player can switch between turn-based mode and real-time mode instantly to deal with the two aspects of the game. Having these two different systems in one game is another reason it's taking so long to make development progress because, I need to develop two games at the same time instead of one.

The main reason I decided to share now is because... The attempt of developing a game (especially as a solo developer) is very very hard and sometimes I can't find the energy and morale to push forward so, I thought, If I can get some positive feedback (or even negative) from fellow gamers like you, I may find it easier to focus and produce.

Currently, every single visual and audio assets you can see and hear in the game are PLACEHOLDERS because I'm not an artist at all. I'm just a programmer (very experienced one) so I only focus on implementing all the systems properly and bug-free as much as I can, without a QA/Tester team working with me. Since all assets are placeholders, please forgive my construction dust until I can progress even more on this project so I may consider hiring help for art and audio creation, hopefully in the future.

Just in case if anyone is wondering, the engine I'm using is Unity which I love very much.

If you are interested in seeing some videos of The Settlements showing the very very early states of my solo game development journey you can check the YouTube playlist below.

Thank you very much.
Oh wow.. I'm a sucker for Civ and Col like games and love hybrid games that merge multiple game types into one. Very cool stuff.

Looking at your playlist I can see your project has already come a long way!

Looking very Civ and Col like!

And going into your settlement system looks pretty cool too..
Some of the buildings in the lower screendhot almost have a Warcraft 3 Alliance vibe to them.
Thank you for nice comments guys.

As I mentioned before, the visual and audio assets are all placeholders, especially the buildings in the settlement mode video. The setting of my game is Wildwest 1890s similar to Red Dead 2 so all the buildings and people will look like a western movie/game but with cute graphics like settlers or warcraft.
Today I want to share some screenshots. I hope you like them. :)


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Awww. Guys, this is such an hearth warming thing you did for me. I am very happy to see my game in the main page of CivFanatics. I can't express my feelings right now. This will definitely make me focus on my game even more. I see that I need to make a playable demo for everyone to try it. Thank you very much guys. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Hey, it looks great! Have you set up a Steam page already (where we can follow or wishlist it)?
What engine did you decide to use? Is it Unity?
Hi Pavelk. Thank you for you nice comment. No Steam page yet, or anytime soon, because it's not in a playable state yet despite many major systems being implemented. I'm still working hard to make a playable demo as soon as possible. It will take time for sure.

The engine is Unity, yes. I have 10+ years exp with Unity and 20+ with C#. It's impossible for me to switch engines at this stage of my life :)

Thank you for your nice questions. This gives me more encouragement to continue working on it.
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