1. D

    Space Race Victory

    I am playing BTS and have never made a mod. Is there an easy way to play without Space Race Victory, but still build the space ship? I'm thinking that it could be treated similar to a world wonder with some kind of boost. Moved to C&C. Best of luck. Cheers-lymond
  2. King Phaedron

    Map Pak - Legend of Mana, FF6, Europe huge +

    These are all of my custom Civ 6 maps. File where appropriate, I am going back to Civ 5. Although I did have a fairly challenging game with REAL STRATEGY, like All AI mods, the Civs almost never build walls! Full Complete Maps (With New Fronteir Content and Advanced Starts) ALL of my maps are...
  3. Lukasdb

    Re-Using District artdefs

    Hi guys! Just started playing artdefs in files and(duuuuh :D) am not really good with them yet. I created a new district called Jinja i my mod and i'd like to make it look like Lavra, but for the life of me i can't seem to nail the script. Could someone show an example of re-using game files to...
  4. Arminius863

    Custom Map for Multiplayer with Friends

    Hello everyone, I am pretty new to civfanatics so please excuse me if this post isn't in the right forum. I have shown Civ6 to two of my friends lately and to my surprise they really enjoy this game. They aren't really into strategy games at all and it was not easy to teach Civ6 because I am...
  5. K

    Hoping to commission a (CivVI) mod for a birthday gift

    The group I play Civ with wants to build a custom game for one of our members who has a birthday in a few months. Hopefully something like ACoIaF or this Zelda one. I'm hoping this is a good place to ask. I know these things aren't easy to make so as we'd love much or as little as can be...
  6. King Phaedron

    Civ6 Monopoly Mod

    Instead of drawing actual continents and oceans, this world shall consist of 4 Monopoly Boards. A map with a very artificial yet surprisingly natural feel. This map comfortably accomodates 18 Civilizations and 18 City States.
  7. Matsuda123

    Japanese Rope Grenadier 2020-07-19

    This is a replacement grenadier for Japan. It uses custom animations, all crafted by Mightytoad. Mightytoad also used the Civ V Samurai model for this unit, and did a good job of it. I had nothing to do with this unit except for the idea, and now the uploading. I wanted a grenadier that would...
  8. F

    Unique UK Civ focused on diplomacy, espionage and government

    So I had this idea for a UK civ that I wanted to share. It's primarily based off British history and the monarchy and has a unique focus on diplomacy, espionage and government. I don't know if the numbers are all balanced, but they could be tweaked. I really like the concept, so I would love...
  9. KommissarReb

    How do I make a mod with custom events?

    I read TC01's pinned thread but still haven't figured out how to successfully make an event mod. What I want to do is make a mod with an event where the king contacts the player to inform them that they are at war with the king of another country, and that the player must declare war on that...
  10. TheOneHitPupper

    Random Civilization Drafter for Modded Civs

    I wrote a batch script that randomly selects a designated number of folders from a parent directory and makes symbolic links for them in your Civ5 mod folder. The idea being you can run the script and it can make certain custom Civ mods available while keeping the others disabled. If you like...
  11. Hippie_Peace_man

    Soviet Union (Concept)

    After a recent unfinished Denmark game, I was inspired to create a puppet civ (like Venice) that could settle cities. I've never made a mod before, so I figured before attempting to create the civ, I would post my idea here and listen for feedback on whether this is OP or UP: Soviet Union...
  12. Cat-du-fromage

    TarcisioCM'German Empire for VP 2019-03-24

    Adds German Empire, led by Wilhelm II as a playable civilization Unique Ability - Weltpolitik Unique Building - Kaiser Institut Unique Unit - Sturmtruppen Unique Building 2 - Teutonic order(same 4UC germany) Unique Unit 2 - UBoat This Mod is a modifed version of TarcisioCM - Germany custom...
  13. Eric Guimarães

    [GS] LUA script maps

    Hey Somehow, after I define the rules of the game as Gathering Storm's, I can't load LUA script maps in WB that I have previously used in R&F anymore, and then the game states it's because of some 5C1317D7 error... Does someone also have this issue?:sad:
  14. Nickify

    [BNW] Having issues with a custom civilization. Can trade artwork for help!

    I've lurked on these forums for some time now. I've been using them as a resource to learn about the game and to start the process of making my own civilizations and mods for Civ V. Lately I've tried my hand at making custom civilizations for me and my friends to play with in our custom games...
  15. nguyenforthewin13

    [BNW] How to create a custom game screen for a scenario?

    I am on the very brink of finishing my Europe 2014 scenario. I have only one last obstacle in my way - how do I create a custom game screen for a scenario? I tried just utilizing the files for scenario load screens for the already existing Earth 2014 scenario to see if that would work, but lo...
  16. NotGeorge

    How do i create a custom building class CIV V

    i am currently creating a civ. i want to give a unique building a custom class but when i change this: <BuildingClass>BUILDINGCLASS_WALLS</BuildingClass> to this: <BuildingClass>BUILDINGCLASS_ATMOS_RING</BuildingClass> the game crashes when i click play this is the most important part...
  17. G

    [BTS] Creating Custom Game Options

    Hello all, I'm not sure if this has already been asked or not(If so, I apologize), but I would like to know(if possible at all) which XML files do I have to edit to add new options to custom games in Civ 4 BTS(options like Raging Barbarians etc.)
  18. Daveyleo10

    Editing in-game leader

    How difficult would it be to edit a current leader's look. I'm rather new to modding so while editing an in game leader might seem dumb it's more of a test! I'd want to change, name, image etc. Staying away from all the other stuff for now!
  19. SpaceCommunist

    Space Communist's Commissariat of Civilizations

    Space Communist's Commissariat of Civilizations Released Mods: CUBA Fidel Castro THE SOVIET UNION Vladimir Lenin Leon Trotsky THE MISSISSIPPIANS Tuskaloosa Dhegiha Planned Mods: TRANSVAAL (The Boers) (Paul Kruger) MZANTSI (South Africa) (Nelson Mandela) GRAN COLOMBIA (Simon Bolivar)...
  20. Mr_PeaCH

    Greater customization for random map terrain and resources

    Does anyone know of a mod that will allow greater customization choices for terrain features and resource distribution? Obviously you get world age (old means flatter, young means hillier, more mountains), temperature (hot, normal, cold) water (wet, normal, dry) but the variation in each is...
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