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Oct 9, 2017
These are all of my custom Civ 6 maps. File where appropriate, I am going back to Civ 5. Although I did have a fairly challenging game with REAL STRATEGY, like All AI mods, the Civs almost never build walls!

Full Complete Maps (With New Fronteir Content and Advanced Starts) ALL of my maps are HUGE! All are well balanced with 7-8 of all luxuries.

Legend of Mana (Advanced setup plays Aztec. This is due to the LoM blacksmithing system whereby Weapons can be made ridiculously strong. Capital should be named Pandora and cities named after other Secret of Mana / LoM places.)

Final Fantasy 6 (advanced setup plays Gran Columbia)

Europe Huge (I should not have had to make this map. A bit difference, it has only 4 continents, Europe, Africa, Kazakhstania, and Ur (Arabia / Middle East) Only Civs, City States, and Wonders appropriate are present. Advanced setup plays Hungary with 15 civs, 18 city states.)

(Max Images reached. Image of this map is in the RAR. It's basically just Europe)

Monopoly (This odd map is for a full 18 civs. Note that barbarians tend to be extremely ruthless on this map and never really settle down. This is due to the total lack of islands.)


Ultima Britannia Map (Probaly my best and most intricate map)


Full Maps (Gathering Storm, made BEFORE New Fronteir)

Ticondera (The world map from SNES game the 7th Saga)

Borderlands (My first custom map. Intended for 18 civilizations, 9 on the outer ocean, 9 in the inner ocean. I forget the player Civ. Check the advanced start locations and play whoever or make your own. There is a passage for scouts and wall climbing warriors between the two oceans, but its a MAZE of Ice and Snow and likely to contain barbarian camps. Good luck!)

Incomplete maps

Tales of Vesperia. (This map is only just begun and I probaly won't finish it. Based on the world map from Tales of Vesperia. The Elongated east continent is ALL Plains Hills, BUT there is no place to settle that is NOT next to water. Therefore IF no civilizations start there, then no civilization can EVER settle there, and the only way to get in is to invade a coastal city. I have not even designed the northern snow regions.)



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